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20 months ago I purchased the HD 6xx and the glue that holds the earpad in has melted and no longer holds the pads together releasing the inner foam to expand out from the ring shape around the headset. Can anybody tell me if all editions of the earpad's in this listing also use the same glue style to hold the base together of the fabric which surrounds the encased foam. I understand the sheepskin is stitched together, but does it still use glue to bind it to the bottom of the earpad?


Jul 17, 2023
Just happened to mine today (to be clear, I have the Hybrid Velour) and they're about 18 months old. I just used a very light thin spread of super glue (not all around it but in like 4 small quadrants) and got it back on there decently well. We'll see if it holds up. The pad cushioning itself is great. If I can keep them intact with my own glue application every year or two so be it. To answer your question a little more directly: yes, it looks like these all use glue to adhere the material that actually sits on your head onto the plastic ring that the actual padding is on.
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