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‘‘new desk, who dis?’’
—————————— Just got my fins on this pair of absolutely GORGEOUS commissioned granite wristrests from the homie Wayduh; and to actually see—and FEEL—them in person just totally annihilated all of my expectations... ... so, naturally, I now feel like a new father that wants to shove his baby pics into the faces of anything that moves. As is usually the case with hand-crafted artisan stuffs (and crazy stone in-general), pictures just CAN'T do the level of detail in the grain justice! My buddy had a crazy amount of raw stone stocks to pick from, in all colors of the Earth; but being an OG curator of all things anti-fidelity & mangled sound, I wanted something with the same lofi-grain that a Yard Sale VCR with crusty tape-heads would pump through a janky CRT... They're perfect 📼🔨


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