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Love the HHKB/iPod combo! So nice. So much style. This is refreshing af.
storyboardtechThanks! :)
May 16, 2023
Nice sega
May 15, 2023
Nice angle! 😆 Excellent retro setup!!
Rocking the modded Dreamcast as a desktop console, now that’s unique and classy!
I’ve heard that game is absurd and hilarious, I really want to try it! I don’t think they even sold it in stores near me while I was growing up. Do you have a way to attach keyboards OTHER THAN the official Dreamcast keyboard to the console?
EvshrugYeah, it was not nearly as common in the US - and current aftermarket prices reflect that. You're better off importing from Japan right now (typing is in English on both games). And yes! That little black dongle connected to the first controller port is a Brook branded adapter, which lets you connect a USB or BT controller/keyboard to the Dreamcast or Saturn. :) I've actually recently started a side project—Typing Tests of the Dead—recording typing tests while playing the game. Oh and I got a second for side-by-side play at meetups and whatnot. :D
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