Feb 24, 201762 views

What I've been searching for

I'm wondering if I'm the only one who desparately wants this. I dabble with fountain pens, but rely on rollerball/gels for heavy daily use. The Parker 51's weight and feel in the hand is, IMHO, unparalleled. Plenty of Kickstarter-type pens out there to fit Pilot G2, etc., but they're all made of aluminum and such - too heavy/cold for my tastes.

I like it.. I would think other's would like them as well.. There are a lot of 51 lover's out there for sure. I have seen the old Sheaffer pens fitted with a roller/ball point. I have a couple of the old Sheaffer CT pens and would like to fit one after I clean and buff the barrel.... I think I have about 40 or 50 vintage pens to restore... So, it won't be first on the list. I certainly see some folks liking the idea. I have not seen these before, thanks for sharing.