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Aug 3, 2023
love this, like ancient tech. i just switched to an ortho so dont think i could learn new keys/language also right now... but someday....
Aug 3, 2023
NuggeteerThank you. :) For me the runes are purely aesthetic. I use blanks sometimes, so practically speaking, these are just blanks with more decoration. This is my layout: It may look intimidating at first, but it’s pretty close to a standard QWERTY keyboard. The major difference is that instead of having a whole row dedicated to the spacebar, I just put that on semicolon—the only non-alpha key in home position. Semicolon I moved to a layer, and because I have a number row, I was able to fit everything else on that one layer, too. Most keyboard layouts this small rely on multiple layers which are perceived as a barrier to entry—I could never remember all those layers! Well, with my layout there’s only one layer to memorize, and most of it is pretty obvious. (e.g., Layer + 5 = F5) For more explanation, see my profile here: As for Ortho in general, I think making the switch was the best productivity decision I ever made. My typing speed has increased by 50%. And my accuracy is now near perfect. Ortho is a game changer for the number row. Having those numbers aligned directly above the letters means you always know what number your fingers are reaching for, unlike on a staggered board, where I always felt like I was guessing. And I make heavy use of Auto Shift, so having a number row on the base layer means I can type most symbols with just a long-press: !@#$%^&*()
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