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Sacrifice Ancient Chinese Character PBT Custom Keycaps

Hello everyone, we are Aihey Studio, this is our newly designed keycap ---- "Sacrifice". Design concept: Human beings have experienced a long period of development, from ancient societies to civilizational eras.Humans have a long period of development, from barbarism to civilization.For the first million years, the human cult of beasts and power gave birth to sacrifices.This sacrifice is full of wildness, bestiality, and power. The orange color and brilliant icons can express the bestiality of the wild worship.As human beings continue to develop, we change from hunters to producers to nations.The object of human worship reflected human's shadow, and God was born.The sacrifice of the gods, solemn, grand, solemn blue and dark icons is a portrayal of the gods. The two seem separate, but they are one. Icon Explanation: On the left, Tab is ” Beast head”, CapLock is “Nuo Mask(An ancient sacrificial mask)”, and Shift is “Sacrificial Drum”. The blue fish on the left Win key, and the orange fish on the right Win are the source is Tai Chi. The two fish together have the meaning of Taiji Yin and Yang Diagram, split but reconciled.The icon on the right |\ is “Dragon head(Dragons have the meaning of gods in Chinese culture)”,  Enter is“Samsung heap(Samsung heap is a sacrificial archaeological site in China from 2800 BC to 1100 BC)”, Shift is “Taoist Bronze Bell”, and FN is “Simu Peng Fangding(Simu Pending is the largest and heaviest of the Ding unearthed in China so far, and it is also a rare precious bronze cultural relic in the world.)”. The space can be seen that on the left is the beast head tearing and biting, and on the right is the divine dragon Tengyun.The Space left is beast head tearing and biting, and the right is the Dragons fly in the sky. From R1 to R4, the orange Nuo Masks is the beast and the blue face is the god. ·Product Information: Keycaps: 140 pcs Height: Cherry Process: PBT full five-sided dye sublimation Thickness 1.5 Construction period: about 20 days after the group cut-off

Aug 10, 2023
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