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Love them, but “ultra-silent?”

I will start by saying that I LOVE these switches. I love the color, the functionality, and the sound. However, I took my newly built keyboard (a Keychron K8 tenkeyless, these switches, and the Drop x Lord of the Rings Dwarvish keycaps) into my very quiet office, and the typing was far from “ultra-silent.” I got a very satisfying and smooth “mushy” sound, which you often get with silent switches, plus a hollow, quiet “thud” at the end. Maybe it’s the plastic keyboard casing? Maybe it’s the material of the keycaps? I don’t know, but I will say that my accuracy with these linear switches is excellent, and each keystroke feels so smooth. (I tried to upload a video of the sound test, but this review would allow the uploading of photos only 🤷🏼‍♀️.) Anyways, I love these switches, and although not as quiet as I was hoping, I would definitely recommend them. (Also, shipping from Drop was fast and secure.)
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