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DCD WLK-MN - A Retro Classic

Introducing the latest keycap set designed by MrBingo—inspired by a retro classic.
DCD WLK-MN takes cues from an iconic device from the past, combining the nostalgia of yesteryear with the modern functionality of mechanical keyboards. Featuring a sleek color scheme of blue, gray, and orange, these keycaps will bring a pop of personality to any custom keyboard setup. Made with high-quality PBT material, they are built to last and provide a comfortable typing experience.
This is MrBingo's first collaboration with Drop, but he's no stranger to keycap design. Stay tuned for a future Story featuring an interview with MrBingo discussing his history, inspirations, and designs.
"I am a very nostalgic person; I love to look back and see how things have evolved by leaps and bounds. That's why I view the things of the past with both joy and a hint of sadness. What seemed so advanced at the time now appears quite simple. I'm not saying I feel like I was born in the wrong era; rather, I believe I was born in the perfect time to remember and pay tribute to the great things of the past.
This is why many of my inspirations to create these designs come from those eras—those that many say were better (though all eras have their merits). I aim to capture the essence of each era or year, taking the most iconic elements and incorporating them into my passion, which is designing keycaps. I love to experiment and recreate those iconic designs."

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Looks great! But please add blue R1 Delete key. A lot of people (me included) like to have delete on "F13" position in 75% keyboards.
Would really love this set in a taller profile like sa or mt3. Looks awesome!
Mar 28, 2024
Is this cherry profile?
TheBangForTheBuckDCD is Drop's Cylindrical Profile in PBT with dye-sublimation. If we want to get technical, Cherry profile is a type of cylindrical profile keycap popularized by GMK's original Cherry keycap tooling; now known as GMK CYL by many designers / community members since GMK also offer spherical keycaps with MNTU profile. Long winded way of saying, yes this is Cherry profile.
Mar 29, 2024
YanboWuGreat info!
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