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Recommendation needed for better locator (F & J) keys for Cherry MX OEM Profile keyboard

I keep losing the location of keys on new DAS 4 Pro Keyboard. i.e. My hands can't tell if they have shifted left or right a key. The keyboard has Cherry MX Brown OEM profile 104 keys. I'm looking for new keycaps to help my fingers better locate the F & J keys. I've been a touch typist for decades (going back to the IBM Selectric) but have been using MS Ergonomic 4000 keyboards (no longer available) since the 90s. The stretched G & H keys on that keyboard likely contribute to my having some difficulty getting used to a standard layout. I'm looking for either a more pronounced "bump" on the locator keys or I've heard about keys that are more spherical and the F & J keys are a deeper depression (MT3?). I've found that a touch typist position with more vertical fingers completely missing the bump on my DAS keyboard F & J keys. How do the different profiles change the keyboard. i.e. Can I use a few MT3 keys with my OEM keys? I have all black keys now, and am not looking to go crazy with an all new color scheme. I can replace a couple of keys (if possible) or all of them. (I know I might have to buy a whole set but if I can only replace a couple of keys, that's easiest) All of the possibilities on this site make my head spin. Hopefully someone can help what I need in the vast selection here. Thank you!


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