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Have you noticed the flaw in the Shift V2 case?

I recently decided to try adding screw-in stabs to my Shift V2. As this was my first time adding screw-ins, it took me about 45 minutes to get them on the PCB. The next hour was then spent unsuccessfully trying to get the PCB to sit nicely in the top of the case. I started unscrewing some of the stabs, trying to figure out which one was the problem. I did also manage to figure out that it's best practice to have the screws a little loose when you go to pop the PCB in the case. But that only worked for four of the five stabs. The fifth stab, the Num Enter stab, would sit properly. Once I got it narrowed down to that stab, I started looking at the case itself. That's when I found the problem. There is a little post that interferes with the screw-in stab's screw (pictures included; you can see the damage from the screw being mashed into the post). I assume this is a carryover from the V1 case, for which the included PCB did not have holes for board mounted stabs. So now the questions: Has anyone else noticed this? What did you do to remedy it? Has it been brought up to Drop already and have they fixed it for more recently ordered Shift V2's?

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