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New Community Mega Thread: DIY Tech

We’ve been watching the new communities poll ( and we’re excited to announce the launch of DIY Tech as the next new community on Massdrop. With DIY Tech, we’re making an effort to not only focus on tools, but also on learning kits geared towards children.
What can we expect in the DIY Tech Community?
  1. DIY Tools
  2. Soldering Kits
  3. STEM Learning Systems
  4. Kid-Friendly Robots
  5. 3D Printing
We’ll keep adding more subcategories as the community grows.
When is the DIY Tech Community launching?
Since there is already traction with some DIY Tech products listed in the Tech Community, the DIY Tech Community will launch on Wednesday, March 22. In the meantime, we’ll be hanging out here, and we look forward to hearing what else you’d like to see.

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gorian2222, Rene Mercadel, and 43 others

I only really buy IC and components and do 99% of that on eBay. Not sure how massdrop can compete or offer anything not already on eBay for cheaper. The tools you should buy good stuff, not cheap deals.
+1 for DIY audio. I have a hard time believing that, with the size of the Audiophile community on Massdrop, there's been no thought given to DIY options. Perhaps just no polling on such items.
I'd like to see diy audio gear in this community... (and of course, open source discounted single board computer with lots of I/O :D)
Posted a 3d printer poll, pretty much took some 3d printers from /r/3dprinting that are highly recommended. I would love the support!
Thinking of building my own 3D printer or CNC build but NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 stepper motors are kinda pricey. And don't even get me started on the ClearPath servo motors. Really nice but kinda expensive.
Divorce Proceedings 2017 Edition
Love it!
Great idea and a maker here so sub'in :)
Alot of the polls are for computers and led lights (not regular leds, the home fixture kind), there is a phone, gaming mouse, and piano keyboard. I am really into DIY tech like arduino and raspberry pi, and I work with them a lot. Some of those polls have nothing or little to do with DIY tech and belong more in the tech category. I am really excited for the community but not these unrelated polls.
Yeah, it was a function of the SQL pull because it is hard to move related polls by hand. We are moving unrelated polls back into Tech as we speak. Thanks for the flag.
Cool! Thanks
well, that went swimmingly. let us fixate on the power of mmmm science.
*takes out wallet* "mmmmmmmm scienceeeeee"
This is fantastic.
Nice thread. I am in. Soldering and trying new things is a hobby of mine!
thanks for making it relevant.