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Best Keycap set?

I know Ive been doing a lot of whats your favorite questions but they help massdrop so I will continue, whats your favorite keycap set I like the penumbra SA set, but what about you?

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GMK Phantom and GMK Miami Nights. Single Primary Keycap color + accented legends are subtle, yet still pop out.


GMK Coniferou!!


DSA Hana for me!
My top five would probably be DSA Royal Navy, SA Abyss, XDA Canvas (Godspeed is good too), GMK Lazer, and SA Miami Dolch. I only have one of those ATM, but I have big plans for the future :P
Hmm. Depends on what case you use it with.
I love the Miami color scheme, but most caps don't do it justice. I've got a set of Miami Dolch DSA, and I love them. DSA Royal Navy is beautiful, and I wish they'd do another run of SA Danger Zone. Was just getting into the hobby when it had its run.
I really like my Nautilus set, but Laser and Penumbra are also favorites of mine. I have both laser and Penumbra on order, so I'll have a better opinion once I see them in person.
My very first order of this profile here is SA Carbon. I joined MD because I wanted SA 1976 but even if round two ever came for it, or any set I buy in the future I’ll still go back to SA Carbon.
I‘ve learned so much from the Carbon drop, and spent a lot of time following that discussion thread. T0mb3ry even made a “salty” kit to highlight the debacle event of incorrect pricing. Only creator I know who adds a special set to commentate an event during a drop. So far this set matches all the colors of my keebs; black, silver and pink. It shocked me that Carbon worked well on pink, and now makes me think Carbon won’t disappoint me with any future keebs I buy.


Lights on!
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Congrats on that awesome set. So mad that i missed this
new england reptile distributors?
If you're into blank keycaps, you can get 3~5 Gateron/EnjoyPBT blank keysets for the price of a decent labelled keyset to create mixed tone keysets with. So far I've gotten 4 (Black, Dark gray, Milk White, and Ghost White). I plan to get Tan and CMYK to finish the blank collection.
Best parts are:
1. Quality is top notch 2. You can create new keysets when you get tired one
That said, it's all Cherry profile so I ordered a SA Solarized Penumbra for times when I miss the sound of raindrops.
If I could only have one SA set it would be Space Cadet.
I've seen this layout a few times, and I really really like it. Where did you buy it?
Oh I only wish this was mine! I believe this beautiful TX-CP belongs to Wodan.
Not sure if this qualifies, but unicorn vomit, any profile, is the gift that keeps giving (and evolving).
I mean I guess it counts
As of right now it has to be DSA Granite, just because it looks good on anything you put it on. The Tai-Hao Mini Classics that just dropped are pretty good looking too (I got mine in yellow)
Endgame=One more keycap set XD
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DSA Granite
DSA "Granite" Keyset from pimpmykeyboard.com/dsa-granite-keyset/ - designed by Matt3o, comes with low-profile, DSA keycaps and is made with durable PBT material and long-lasting dye-sublimated legends. - Common kits and Icon Modifier, Icon RGB keysets.
I'm pretty keen on the Laser keys, but Nautilus makes me feel things.
GMK Honeywell for me (Don't actually have a set :( hoping for another GB) . I also quite like the SA Mint set that's in GB right now too.
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I totally had a brain fart. It's SA LIME. Link here: https://kono.store/products/maxkey-lime-group-buy
You could always go with DSA honeywell. More flexibility and better looking red mods than GMKs set imo
SA Solarized Penumbra and GMK Nautilus for sure. MT3 maybe. Gateron/EnjoyPBT blanks and Filco Double-Shot SA are co-winners in the bargin category.
SA Camping for me. I got in the game late so there was no way I can get my hands on this. I go hiking a lot and *cries* I connect with this too much :(
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The wooden full size with SA camping? No idea. The picture was from reddit I think. The small white one, it's a Magicforce 49 key
Sorry for necro but in case anyone wanted to know what the full sized board with SA Camping is: it's a Filco Majestouch-2 with artisans and wooden case from Taobao
Penumbra and Nautilus. I'm still salty I didn't order Nautilus when it was available here.
Probably Light Cycle for me, but tons of amazing sets out there.
Keychatter said deepspace is coming soon.
Borealis, deep space, camping, danger zone. The best is Borealis, it sends my mind to another space!
Camping is too beautiful, could never justify that price tag though (to myself, I can see why it was priced at that, I just....can't spend that much on caps).
Very true. I don't have any of those four, but even if presented to me, I can "make" myself buy only one of them (with all novelties, we're looking at almost $200 already!). All four would cost at least $750, and besides I only have two boards.
Pulse SA, /dev/tty, Troubled Minds SA
I can't really decide....but one of those 3.
As far as SA kits go, I'm holding out for the Oblivion set I keep seeing in the polls section on here. I'm also eager to get my hands on Amazing Chocolatier because of how good I think it will look with my 60% wood frame.
My favorite day to day caps are definitely my black and white sets of Vortex PBT shine-thrus.
it will look great on a wood case all I bought from chocolatier was the novelties I really hope I get that massdrop golden ticket keycap.
really just waiting for the GMK Laser
The Jukebox SA set (no big fan of SA, so this the only SA keycaps set I have), because I love the cars (not chevy) and music from the 50's . Got my 2 (the new, with the Records) Novelties sets yesterday. I also like the Tai - Hao Miami set.
Penumbra does look great. However my Penumbra is scoopless, so it doesn't get used much :(
Scoopless? I'll take it :P
Something about Varmilo's keycaps is incredible. They feel better to me than caps three times the price. I love them.
This is like trying to choose your favorite flavor of ice cream....
At the moment I'm going for a more vintage vanilla flavor with a hint of cherry sprinkles in the DSA Dolch Key Set. I paired it with a Rosewill mech keyboard that has a built in red backplate, which goes beautifully with the escape key.
I am a really big fan of the Nuclear Data set. I wish it would drop again. But even if it did I wouldn't be able to make the drop. I am the broke :(
Thankfully, I was able to make the Pulse drop should be here soon woo!!!