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Are spinning tops really EDC? they seem more hobby to me.

all these spinning tops (and fidget spinners) seem really out of place to me in the EDC category. it seems like they would fit better in the Hobby shop. i personally dont have a need for one and (personally) think it would be silly to carry one edc. i look at edc like wallet, knife, watch, flashlight, handkerchief, key chains etc. anyone else think so?
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I honestly have no idea why they’re in EDC. I think the argument that, “I carry it with me everyday, so by a complete literal definition it’s EDC,” is weak because that classifies anything as EDC. If you subscribe to that argument, you better be willing to open the floodgates. But say that’s going overboard, sure. What about opening EDC even just a little bit? I see quartz Casio watches, G-Shock and what not, all the time in EDC. So what about automatic watches that I don’t see in EDC but I see in the watches category? They both serve the same function. What about the exclusion form fountain pens when Fisher Space Bullet pens are sold regularly on EDC? Clearly there is some distinction being made here. The fact that there is even a debate shows that they don’t belong. This isn’t just about excluding what you don’t like, there is some clear divide over defintion. Most people within the mechanical keyboard community don’t like Razer products for any number of reasons, but I don’t think any of them would deny that the Razer BlackWidow is, in fact, a mechanical keyboard. I don’t drink from glass bottles hardly ever, but it’s very clear that a bottle opener is EDC as it serves some from practical function. I bring up practical function because that’s what the banner clearly implies: “It encourages preparedness and self reliance, and makes your daily life more convent.” Tops, spinners, coins, and dice accomplish none of these. Spinning a top on your desk to alleviate boredom doesn’t make life more “convenient.” I saw livingspeedbump mention how because people are buying spinners and tops in EDC, “Clearly having them in EDC and being so successful means a lot of people in EDC are interested.” I think this is very clearly seeing the product sold and reinforcing your own belief as opposed to any other reason that could have lead to it being sold. For instance, just a week (or two) ago in watches there were two fountain pens being sold. It was relatively cheap, and I would have bought one. Hell, I’m sure somebody DID buy one. Doesn’t mean my interest in watches makes me interested in pens or that because people buy pens in watches means pens should be sold in watches. Watches belong with watches; pens belong with pens; spinning tops, fidget spinners, and novelty coins belong in hobby shop.
To call them toys or novelties would be much more accurate. And who is carrying a set of lock picks around ? A locksmith or a thief.
Or someone who likes to be prepared and aged out of the Boy Scouts, maybe.
I carry one everyday... the brass is anti-bacterial. I also always have some dice in my bag... and headphones on my neck... lip balm in my pocket... and a bunch of ultralight stuff on heavy rotation... and heck... I carry a wine glass or a highball everyday at some point... I think just about everything on this site could qualify as EDC... to me. Don’t know about the rest of you Bozos!
Not an EDC item.
My spinning tops start many conversations and sometimes really brightens someone’s day. I love when some says “I’ve got to get one of those”, usually someon that spends a lot of time waiting on people at a desk like I do.
It serves different purposes to some. To some it’s a hobby, to others it’s therapeutic.
if you carry it daily then it fits the definition of “EDC”. i consider it a novelty though.
I know I am late to the conversation, but I can not agree with you more.
Idk i get why they ended up here but would love the option to just hide things like fidget spinners or anything i dont have a use for from my home page. Kinda like adding a negative to a search (-spinner).
Well.. MD even consider lockpicks are EDC. I do really hope that is just a hobby.
You are just trying to make the community based solely around your likes and dislikes it seems. Just because you think something is silly doesn't mean other people can't find a good use for it. I think simply by general definition they fit a bit more in EDC than Hobby Shop, but like so many items here than can easily be categorized into a smaller, more niche label. Personally I think of anything that goes in my bag with me to work and back each day as EDC, not just what is in my pockets, and if i had a spinner it would be in my bag, so to me it makes sense.
Other communities here all face the same things kinds of labeling issues though with certain items dropping. The thing is that communities aren't always the end all definition of an object, items are often placed in a category where the current subscribers will have the most interest. Clearly having them in EDC and being so successful means a lot of people in EDC are interested.
Making super niche communities, or communities that arent as active like the pro audio community, don't do well just because it is so easy for people to completely miss the buys. The audiophile kicked and screamed when the two communities were combined, but it was absolutely a good move on MDs part I think. Splitting off a community this early would probably not be the best idea, especially right now, eventually it may grow to the point where having its own community would make sense though.
People carry spinners/tops everyday, including myself. It was really how spinners came to be, torqbars started popping up in people's EDC posts and became more and more popular and more and more makers started creating their own versions, some knifemakers and vape companies included which are definitely EDC. Just because I personally don't carry a flashlight or knuck or prybar/bottle opener or vape mod daily doesn't mean I want them out of the EDC category.
I wouldn't mind seeing these items getting their own category here. There's enough demand for it. Even knives have had such treatment.
I agree.
I agree, it really seems out of place to put items like tops in EDC.
Jeez, there are so many of these top/spinner toys offered here, they should get their own category. I wouldn't be crushed if they disappeared from the EDC category. Do people really carry them everyday?
They're kids toys just like fidget spinners. Kinda funny how defensive everyone's getting about it though lol
Hey guys, nice sense of "community" you have here. Real nice 👌
Depends on the person i think,they are called ''fidget'' spinners for a reason.
While I don't really see them as EDC and are more hobby/toy the recent trend for them seems to have roots in custom knife makers making them and selling them as another EDC item.
Yeah, I find the "anything that anyone carries every day is EDC" answers wholly inadequate. If that were the case in any practical sense, an EDC category would look like all of, but it's actually mostly items that help people be prepared or organized when carried on their person. And then spinning tops. They're a complete oddball.
A real answer would be someone explaining what practical benefit carrying a spinning top would offer.
Love the point about the EDC definition being too broad. EDC was supposed to describe the useful things we carry everyday to make our jobs/lives easier. It seems to have become an excuse to buy and carry a bunch of cool (?) gear around that serves little practical purpose other than having one-up on your Instagram followers when you post your daily pocket dump. I know guys who got along fine for years carrying a wallet, phone, knife, and flashlight who are now carrying a small backpack with them everywhere they go, filled with items they never use. Not a QR bag, just a backpack full of their "EDC." Not like it's a real world problem, it can just be hilarious. Also, yay for capitalism.
As for the tops, I've read that playing with small objects like that while doing something more productive can increase productivity, and that tops on desks/worktables have actually been a thing for decades for that very reason. Supposedly fidget spinners work on the same concept. By engaging your free hand(s) and occupying your subconscious, you're less prone to distractions and better able to focus on singular tasks. Or so the studies say. I have no personal experience with these things whatsoever.
Real world issues. Ask yourself, does the categorising of spinning tops within the EDC group alter anything in your life? No, well move on Devils Advocate, nothing to see here.
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Says who? Glad you picked up on the irony fool.
I don't think you know what irony is.
It's literally Every Day Carry, so... the category is going to mean wildly different things to different people. It's the same with "Hobby". They're catch-all categories for a broad assortment of products. Not all of them will appeal to you. Spinners and tops don't appeal to you, and that's OK. So what difference does it make if they're sorted under one catch-all category versus another? Why does this bother you so much?
That's really what I wondered. If it's not for you, then keep looking at the other items in EDC. But for those that do carry such things everyday, it's EDC. And I say this as someone who isn't into tops for their EDC.
I look at some EDC and I'm like damn, style, class, functionality just brilliant in every way.I look at other EDC and I'm like omg this person needs to lose their virginity .
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Man, we really necro-ing this thread...?
It's a children's toy.
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There is literally not a single ironic event in this whole song; the irony is that, by doing this, people learn what irony actually is...which is, thusly, ironic. Don't ya think?
Either they are not real EDC, or the entire category of EDC could entail anything anyone could possibly ever fit in their pocket or purse and keep with them at any time, basically making the category useless.
But it's a great way of selling people useless junk.
Facts, this guy speaks facts. EDC does not necessarily mean useful.

And yes I do have tongue-in-cheek, but this does sum up my feelings on this.
I carry a CRKT Crossbones and a Oveready Boss on my all the time, but I don't use them all the time. I have a Josh Dawson top at my desk at work that I spin during meetings. Is it "carry" - no really, but I think of tops as part of the collection of all the high quality stuff I surround myself with.
You spin a thing during meetings? I guess they are phone calls, or what?
Yes, during phone meetings. I made one of my tops for a coworker and I told him I better not hear the top. One day I'm running a meeting (all of us via phone) and I hear the clink of my top touching down on the glass lens - I called him out :)
EDC for all intensive purposes are just items you carry on your person every day, so if I carry anime figures on me everyday that would be part of my EDC. Now if I were to start up a online community and store dedicated to edc I would include anime figures on it and if someone then asked me 'are anime figures really edc? They seem more like a hobby to me' I could reply back 'I carry one every day, and a srand to display it on too'