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Return shipping & flag to prominent position.

It seems recently you decided to remove the shipping and shipping location flag from its prominent position in the prcie box. Please return it. Not only is the shopping price important to decision making, but that little flag instantly lets me know whether I should bother getting excited about something because I live in Australia. Now I don't find out shipping cost or if it even goes to Australia till I try to join a drop! Disappointing and frustrating!
The number one reason I buy so much on massdrop is the access to products that simply are not stocked in Australia because of our distance and tiny population. Often the shipping price is as much as I'm saving on the retail price of the drop but it's worth it because the product makes my hobby so much more enjoyable and yet I'd never known of their existence if not for Massdrop.
Please, please put them back!
Quilty, Midge, and 2 others

Agree, Darsidhe. It is beyond annoying to not know the shipping cost of an item prior to committing to it. If anything I will avoid buying from Massdrop because the discount will be zeroed out by the shipping. Massdrop, we will notice.
Yes, I came here to complain about that. Do you think we won't pay attention to the shipping cost if you hide it? The "drop is about to end" e-mails are very annoying.
I absolutely agree - please put the shipping cost back. Shipping is a real consideration in the total price of a drop, and shouldn't be hidden.
The truly unkind side-effect of making you click "Join Drop" to see the shipping cost is that if you decide you can't afford it, you get a reminder email when the drop is about to end. I only get this on drops where I have clicked join and then not joined. It's basically Massdrop rubbing salt in the wound of not being able to afford the shipping, which I think is really inconsiderate. The reminder is helpful if you haven't decided or wanted to wait, but not when you get it for every item where you checked the shipping cost.
I totally agree and it takes 10 plus days for me to get my stuff even after I pay these outrages  prices