May 1, 2017

help with motherboard

Hey guys I just started pc gaming and i have this motherboard with intel core i5 4570. I want to get the amd fx 6300 6 core black edition cpu. is the amd cpu a upgrade to the Intel i5 4570? also will it fit onto the motherboard. Another question i have is that will the evga 1050 ti oc single fan run battlefield 1 at high settings?
my motherboard

No I don't think the amd fx is a upgrade it is more like a downgrade. I recommend get a i7 or Xeon that fit in yout socket. Should buy used one it is a lot cheaper since many people are selling it
You cant fit an AMD Chip onto an Intel Socket, they use completely different structure... the i5 is faster anyways. And i doubt the 1050ti is able to run at high settings.
And next time just use google and common sense, i could find that out in a few seconds.