Massdrop, where can we buy your merch?

I gave a few "community first" shirts away at the Austin Mechanical Keyboard meetup and people were interested in where they could buy some of these shirts (including myself)!
Any way we can buy these directly...or could we start a drop?
Also, could we get a "general community" to post things in that may apply to more than one hobby?

Your wish is our command :p
Take a look at this: and the tees are here:
Jul 9, 2016
Those shirts are great! I would be down for one once available.
Jul 6, 2016
Happy to see so much love for these shirts! I started the design for this shirt back in December 2014 and slowly added to it until we finally made them a couple months ago. This is the first shirt we've ever had and we wanted to make sure it was more than just another startup tee. Every icon on the shirt either represents one of our communities, a team, milestone or memorable part of our history. There are many icons here that only MD team members know the inside story of and much credit goes to the team for icon and story ideas. I made all the icons from scratch save for one or two of them. My hope is to continue adding icons indefinitely as our community grows.
We've discussed a few options for how to get these and future swag in the hands of all of you. I'm sure we'll make an announcement once we get the process sorted out.
Edit: Bonus pic of the team outfitted in MD swag.
Jul 6, 2016
love that shirt!
If you do a drop on these I would promise to buy a few (say 5 or 6) to give away to my students. This is a great design with a terrific theme.
Jul 6, 2016
+1 I'm wondering if I could have some money from my computer department for that ;)
Jul 5, 2016
I really would love it, if the "Merchandise" could be there directly, instead of the normal system in Massdrop, the groupbuys
Jul 5, 2016
@XERNEAL I agree it would be great to have ongoing availability of MD merch, but there is always a risk of having a bunch of inventory with no demand. I think a slightly different method than GroupBuy would make sense, perhaps working with CafePress or another printing company and auto ordering during a "buy" run after 10-15 confirmed and paid purchases rather than waiting until the end to get the maximum discount, as ongoing volume with a single vendor can bring larger discounts than one time bulk purchases anyways, especially if the images/colors aren't changing wildly between runs.
@erikbro did a great job on the design for those shirts. This was the first production run and we only have a handful of these left . We'll love to get these out to the community but we'll have to wait for another production run.
Regarding "general community," we are looking into a process that would allow posts to live in more than one community and are considering the pros and con. I can discuss more about it if you'd like, but wanted to mention that it's on the radar.