Jun 2, 2017113 views

Best headphones for use in loud areas (planes, streets, etc...) for under $120?

I just got my first pair of really good headphones ( HD-558) and have just now realized that they are not good for any more than just listening at home. Im also going to be going to Florida soon from washington, so that's a very long flight, and I need a good pair of headphones that would block out all noise so I could use them on the plain, on the bus to school, and other similar places.

a pair of iems with comply foam tips does the trick for me. The noise cancellign isnt active but I've worn them on planes and even got myself almost run over a few times so I'd say they do the trick. As an added bonus they are super comfy to wear, if prone to getting a little gross after long use.
I'm not into iem's myself, know of any good over ears?
Etymotic HF5 is $99 right now. They will block everything out passively. iEMs are probably gonna be your best bet within budget. I wear Etymotic s when doing yard work with motorized tools and frequently have to check if something is running with a hand-check 'cause I can't hear it. Sound quality is excellent though lacks deep bass.
ehh. nothing will completely block out the noise at this price point, except hunter/shooter ear muffs. say $300 for Bose QC or Sony MDX1000. If you just want a closed set of cans - try Monoprice 8323 with HM5 earpads.
You know your headphones are good when the ear pads cost more than the headphones themselves XD. I think that I might go for the cb-1, zreviews made them sound pretty nice for around 75$ used.