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Dt990 pro in 2018 vs others

Is it worth buying Beyerdynamic Dt 990 pro 250ohm in 2018. I was checking the dt 770 pro but I started looking open back similar to them. Dt 990 pro seem perfect. Help me... Also is there a better alternative to them (non massdrop).

I have the 770, 880 and 990. If you want open, get the 880 600 ohm.
DT990 has a pretty significant boost in the bass along with one of the more sustained Beyer treble peaks. I've owned the DT990 Pro for 6 or so years and I could never recommend it as a daily driver unless someone particularly likes a V-shaped sound signature. I liked the DT880 more but sold it when I bought a T1 (similar tonality). I keep the 990 around as there are some heavy metal/hard rock tracks that it handles really well but it doesn't get much head time any more.
Dec 30, 2018
I have both the 770 (80 Ohm) and the 880 (250 Ohm) but not the 990. I do love the 770's but I prefer the sound of the 880's as they are a little flatter. I've read about the 990's and I'm not sure if I'd like them or not. I probably would. But if I could only own 1 pair, I'd still pick the 770's because of the closed back. They provide flexibility... can use them almost anywhere. As for buying sources, refurb from Beyerdynamic is the only cheaper way I've found and they aren't available at the moment. Massdrop seems to be the best price.
Dec 31, 2018
I can absolutely recommend the 880s, sound quality and comfort is 10/10
Jan 28, 2019
Yes. The 880’s do have a wider soundstage. Probably not crazy wide though. There’s definitely less of that “in your head” feeling. And the 880’s definitely emphasize the bass less than the 770’s but I wouldn’t say bass is lacking. I’m sure many wouldn’t call the 880’s flat. But they “feel” to me what flat ought to sound like (if that makes sense). I have the ATH-AD500x headphones as well. They definitely have a bit less bass than the 880’s. To summarize: if sound leak isn’t a concern... I’m reaching for the 880’s to listen to. Definitely my lost comfort and best sounding cans.
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