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Thoughts on Grado Labs Headphones?

I recently discovered the Grado Labs company, and was wondering if anyone here has tried out their products and what thoughts they might have. I like that it's a small company, and their headphones seems to get some pretty good feedback. I also like their design (looks really sexy to me lol). I'd like to try their SR60e, which is their budget/starter headphones. https://gradolabs.com/headphones/prestige-series/item/2-sr60e

The Prestige series is merely for starters. Audition the RS series - even better, the GS series - to find out what Grado is capable of producing.
I like the design, but honestly the sound of their headphones just doesn't agree with me and I've auditioned quite a few. However, I can hear why some people would really like them and will continue to recommend them (of course, take a listen to them first)
I have the SR80e, for me they were a discovery. I had not tried open-back headphones before and i was really amazed by their soundstage, separatlon of the instruments and the clarity of the sound. Many reviewers complaint about the harness of the treble and the lack of bass. I definitely don´t share such opinion. For me the sound is amazing. The only complaint would be about their comfortability. The S cushions look cheap and old-fashioned and I found myself very often re-accommodating thee headphones on my head. I have tried G-bowls and the comfort has improved, I just ordered the L-bowls to see if I can upgrade in this respect. However comfort is the weakest point. But to my ears they are overall a superb sounding pair of headphones, difficult to beat for the price.
Hi there I have had a few of their headphones from the SR80 to the SR325i really great headphones and cheap as chips they go really well with rock music for me nice upfront sound. I would say you cant go wrong anywhere in the lineup for me the SR80e was the best bang for buck nice headphones.