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Dec 2, 2021
Senheiser HD 6xx
Nov 30, 2021
Nov 25, 2021
Drop Version of Hifiman Sundara
Dear Drop Please make a Drop version of Hifiman Sundara. I believe Hifiman Sundara's drivers are pretty complete so leaving the drivers alone would be best. Offer several pads for different tuning is much better option then tweaking the drivers. P.S Offer a 3 year warranty/accidental plan.
Nov 23, 2021
Giving the cans a rest, jammin' loud on a Tuesday afternoon.
Low light turned out better than I thought ;-)
Nov 18, 2021
I have seen that Massdrop had a Black friday in 2017. I have asked multiple people and noone seems to know. So, does have a vlack friday sale? If yes then when? Thanks in advance
Nov 16, 2021
Bargain system update- added Drop/THX AAA One!
OK Budget system UPDATE! Tried same rig with a Drop/THX AAA ONE-- subbed it in after my JDS Labs 02s and Atom amp trials-- this time I tried it with the Planar Mob-- 2020  Ananda; Sundara 2021 with new Dekoni hybrid pads, and the 2021 Audeze LCD-X Since the THX AAA One are now popping up on Ebay for $125-$150 range I decided to hear if the claims of sterility etc were valid-- plus if they're as analytical as some claim that should be borne out too. I decided to stick with the Warner Remaster of Dire Straits since it has distinct bass, guitars, acoustic guitars low in the mix etc. This amp at these prices is still what you'd call a 'budget' amp-- the whole system runs $350ish. The Cambridge Audio DACs are still on Ebay for $139...OK well gotta say it was fun hearing all these headphones through this amp-- no surprise, the Ananda was the easiest to drive and really brought out the acoustic guitars and low-level background vocals; the Sundara was the power pig of the lot but...
Nov 10, 2021
where do you do your 11/11 shopping?
I feel like linsoul apos and hifigo are top 3 Linsoul started early but had limited stock for "hot" items Apos customer service ftw? Hifigo is potentially going to have more than the standard 10-15% off AD Best Offer of the Year for Audio Gears Lowest Price Guarantee  DACs/Amps and IEMs most brands with 15% off. Other collections up to 30% off.
Nov 10, 2021
Hi, So I've had these headphones for around 6 months now and for some reason out of the blue one of the headphone sides stopped working. I don't know if its a cable issue or not cause I just received a new cable and tried it and still the issue persists. It's not that only one side works because when I take my cable and connect the L cable to the right ear the right ear will start working, once I disconnect that and move it to my left ear the left ear will connect but the right ear will be disabled. This issue persisted with both cables, the new and the old.
Nov 9, 2021
iFi Zendac + Cavalli Liquid Spark Stack
My go to is SMSL SU9 with the liquid platinum from Monoprice. But I recently broke this back out and it’s amazing how fun it is to listen to just about anything on this stack, super easy with the Meze 99’s, can listen for hours. I’m not into specs I just love how everything sounds on these.
Nov 8, 2021
Treasure Hunt a Troll
I’m either blind or Drop and Sennheiser is trolling me. I give up! Keep your damn contest
Nov 5, 2021
Canada Custom
Hi , i would like to know the cost of shipping to canada for senneissher hd 800s
Oct 31, 2021
So I made another headphone purchase recently.
Yep, I bought another pair and I know that the madness has to end but I just couln't help myself. I bought a pair of LCD-X, the 2021 version, an open-box from an authorized dealer with full warranty and all of the included accessories, including the non-Pelican type economy case. They are heavy on the head but my LCD-2 haven't bothered me in the least so I wanted to hear these and so far these aren't a problem either. I got the entire package for $1000. but after purchasing I was notified that they had oversold their open-box inventory and had shipped me a brand new factory sealed headphone. Cool! Oh yeah, the headphone stands are new as well. If anyone is interested in such a product these are available on Amazon. Made by a company called Lamicall these are a three part stand made of aluminum and a quality plastic saddle. The weighted base has an anti-slip bottom so that it stays put on the desktop. A threaded aluminum rod screws into the base and then the plastic...
Oct 28, 2021
I try to stay away from controversy, but...
I tell you, that NASCAR sure is exciting! Let's go Brandon!
Oct 28, 2021
Wired Headphones for Movies
Short Question What wired headphones are good particular for movies and why? (not looking for headphones specifically made for movies but audiophile headphones that are suited for more enjoyable movie experience) Long Question with Context My entertainment What qualities, measurements, characteristics do I needed to look for in wired headphones that will be best for immersion, scale, and 3d/surround sound impact listening specifically for movies? I watch movies exclusively through my desktop pc. The audio setup I run with my pc is no eq software but a Drop O2/Grace Dac inline with a Drop THX AAA 789 with one headphone the Drop Sennheiser 6xx. The 6xx are great for my music and browsing internet content but for watching movies I want more depth, scale and immersion. I understand the basics of headphones,amps, and dacs so I have maybe a theory with that knowledge what would be better headphone for movies for me but not sure. I believe I am looking for headphone with wide and good...
Oct 27, 2021
When will my item ship!!!!! Fook Me, been a LONG TIME
I've ordered soo long ago, what in the bread and butter is going on
Oct 23, 2021
JVC vs. Etymotic?
JVC HA-FDX1 DUAL CARBON IEM or Etymotic ER3XR IEMs? Which do you prefer and why? Also can the etymotics be fitted to custom molded earplugs (musician molds)?
Oct 15, 2021
Just To Be Clear, This Site's Ordering/Shipping Process Is A Joke
October 6 - Create my account, receive a $10 coupon, and place my order with coupon applied. October 8 - Haven't received any kind of email, so I login to the site and check my order. It's showing as "Cancelled". Why? I email support. October 9 - Receive an email stating my order was cancelled as an automated fraud protection measure and that I need to email Drop support a copy of my I.D. Have to do a Google/Reddit search for others who have been asked to do this by Drop just to make sure I'm not getting scammed. I send in my photo I.D. October 13 - Haven't heard anything at all. Order still in Cancelled status. Reply to the last email I got asking for my photo I.D. asking if I need to take my business elsewhere. October 14 - Get an email back from someone different at Drop stating my photo I.D. has been processed and all NEW orders are good to go. So that's pretty vague. Can they not just push through my previous order that began this whole process? Do I need to...
Oct 12, 2021
Thought I'll Ask Here, Too... Best DAC/AMP Combo for Sennheiser HD 600?
Sennheiser 560s and HD 600 are two of my favorite headphones so far. I decided to keep HD 600 but I'm wondering if I should upgrade my setup to get more sound quality out of these... Currently using Fiio K5 Pro. The comfortable volume for me is usually at around 11am but I can safely raise it to 2pm when I want more. I'm keeping it on medium gain. Some things I'd like are: The absolute must is that the sound quality would be significantly better than the one on Fiio K5 Pro. I'm not looking to get 100% performance and my budget is limited, so if some DAC/AMP combo can do like 10% less than the one that costs 100$ more, the cheaper one is fine for me. Harshness is an issue for me and I feel like Fiio K5 Pro is making the audio more harsh, maybe I'm overthinking it. Ideally I'd like it to be a USB UAC 1 type of dac/amp so that I could avoid the mini-usb dac I'm using to connect to a game console, deliver audio to the dac/amp and then to headphones. This isn't a requirement but...
Oct 11, 2021
OPEN LETTER TO DROP - Massdrop Airist R2R Sucessor
To Massdrop Drop you have A wonderful line of massdrop headphones, amps and other exclusive audiophile products. Unfortunately you have very slim line of dac options. The grace and the o2/grace dac are wonderful dacs but very featureless and are delta sigma variant. Regardless of the drama with the Massdrop Airist R2R dac it was wonderful performing R2R dac that is sadly missing from the Massdrop line up. I suggest a revision, sequel or successor to the Airist R2R. If the company Airist is no longer viable to work with brands like Soekris and their R2R dac the 1321 would be great blueprint to Massdrop R2R dac another would be a budget friendly verision of Denafrips ARES II R2R Dac. Thanks for your time and great Drop products you have produced.
Oct 6, 2021
what would be the best????
Good morning audiphile peolple! I join the community due to a doubt I've always had. I adore the sennheiser 6XX and the 58x, too...I fell in love with them at the first sight and I am waiting for the right moment to purchase one of them, but I don't know which one to choose!!!!! Could anyone advise me, please???? Thanks in advance Best!
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