how do you set up an amp to my pc

Okay so i want to get a 'magni 3' for my sennheiser HD58x and i'm new to this headphone amp thing so i just need any help from anyone who knows about this stuff. okay so like i want to know if i need to get any extra stuff in order to actually use the amp properly and listen to my music a little bit more clearly. what i believe comes with the amp is a 115vac usa plug and maybe some other parts but i"m not quite sure sorry if i"m not clear of what i"m asking for or some other stuff but if you know what i"m talking about then please help thanks

Jan 15, 2019
The Magni 3 requires a RCA-in, so you'll need something that provices that output. You'll likely need to use a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable (not completely ideal, but better than using the PC only). As you get better gear, a direct line-out to a DAC is what you want. Hope this helps!
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Jan 12, 2019
Hi there You don't "need" anything else as the pc has a built in DAC I assume you are going to be using the line out of the pc into the amp? The next step would be to get what's called an external DAC (Digital to analogue converter) this cleans the signal by moving the processing of the sound to outside of the pc and usually using better hardware to do it. You would plug in a DAC via USB to the pc then the DAC to the amp via RCA cable but ATM you should be fine but that would be the next step. Any more help drop a comment and I'll help however I can.