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What kind of gear are you looking for this off-season?

Curious what everyone else is shopping for while the wait times are short for cottage-manufactured ultralight hiking products? Post yours in the replies below. Personally I'm looking for a bivy-sack to use under a tarp in summer and in my Seek Outside tipi in the Fall - sorta like this one: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/borah-gear-ultralight-m90-bivy/talk#discussions What's yours? Ultralight knife like a Tyto 1.1 or Benchmade Altitude? New stove like a PocketRocket II or Windburner? Are meals your thing; maybe Peak Refuel or Heather's Choice... let hear it!

Holding off for a crazy light tent from Big Agnes!! They are putting out some seriously light tents these days, like 1.1 lbs for a 2 man tent that's insane.
I love my Copper Spur UL1 - great balance of weight and I don't feel like its gonna fall apart in my hands. That being said, I heard BA's R&D was working on an incredible new fabric that somehow imbues their fabric with helium so the tent actually reduces weight from your pack!!! ;-P
Thinking about a dehydration machine so I can fix my own foods. I've grown to hate any kind of cooking that requires clean up. I've got pots galore, but I'd rather just carry my kettle.
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Its the nine tray model... they had it in white as well (for $10 cheaper) but I wasn't sure if that was a previous model or something. Either way.. looking forward to dehydrating and rehydrating my own chili in the backcountry this year...
Thanks, I jumped on that! Chili was my first thought. And some jerky.
I'm looking for a 4-person tent that doesn't 'break the back'. Wife and I have a little one, now, and weight is even more of a factor for camping because we know that some items are just going to weigh a bit, y'know? One I've found is the Hogback, from Tarptent: https://www.tarptent.com/product/hogback/ It's 51 sqft at a little over 4lbs. I'm just...holding out on pulling the trigger. Anyone have any experience with some good 3+ person tents that aren't extremely heavy? 3 season is the goal, but let's be honest...if a 3/shoulder-4 is not much more...
What kind of terrain are you planning on hiking in? I had a TarpTent Contrail (considerably smaller than the Hogback) and while out west it was great, back east all the rocks made the pitch difficult sometimes. And trust me, with TarpTents, a taut pitch is crucial. It was difficult enough that I sold it in favor of a freestanding shelter. Hiking with a wee one, the ease of pitch that comes with a freestanding tent may be something to consider. I love my Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1, can't imagine the three-person version would be much more expensive than the Hogback if you can find it here or on sale elsewhere.
We are definitely in a rocky area (TN). The Copper Spur UL4 is a little heavier, but with 6 more sqft and free standing... Thank you for the input!
Looking mostly at last years inventory and seeing if I can catch a deal. I rarely buy things 'in season'.