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New 2019 EDC Urban Pen is called "Mo-Tactic".

The Tactical Pen is one of the most popular weapon options for self-defense. Outwardly, it resembles an ordinary pen, moreover, it writes like an ordinary pen, but its dimensions are much larger, and the body is made of titanium, steel or aviation aluminum. In fact, this is a shock weapon of a type of a knuckle, which, if properly used, can stop any attacker. His combat counterparts - Kubotana or Yavara. Learn first about the start of the company here.
Due skill even an ordinary writing pen can turn into a subject for self-defense. The same pen, but in a durable aluminum or titanium case, is already becoming a full-fledged legal weapon, which remains with you even in places with the most stringent security regime and personal inspection. The tactical pen combines both a writing accessory and a weapon for a point effect on the enemy's pain points. Thanks to its utility, the chances of forgetting it at home, in the pocket of another bag or suit, are much less than those of a gas canister. Cases of such handles have a shock crown or a wedge-shaped edge. This design will save you from studying pain points on the human body - the pain point will be there, where you will hit, with even a little force. That is why tactical pens are recommended for use by women. A wide range of prices for tactical pens allows you to choose a simple and reliable model or masterpiece of design and engineering ideas. Regardless of the price, treat it not as an accessory, but as a tool that may not be useful to you a thousand times, but a thousand first will save your life. Since it is to them you can put the last decisive point. #motactic #metalpen #edcgear #kickstarter


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