Need headphones that can be use for gaming

Hello I have a pc and ps4, I game on both about the same amount, as of now I have Astro a50 (had it since it came out) for ps4 and hyperx alpha for pc, I can never get the good mic quality out of alpha for ps4. I want to get out the “gaming headphone” and more into actually headphones, I look at argon mk3 and they look amazing and I read soundstage is needed for FPS and overall gaming i don’t mind open back but yet I don’t want it since there are people in my house and I play lateish, also not sure if I want the sound to go thru the mic. im planning to get a modmic wireless, just don’t want more wires coming down from my headphones. Finally I don’t know what amp/dac to get for gaming, mic input that comes with it will be nice. i just don’t know what to get, thank you for reading and helping.
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What's your budget?