Jan 19, 201985 views

Name me a pair of IEMs that you think sounds better than the HD6XX

***Price: <$300 :D Thanks for recommending. I am looking for something that has better detail retrieval, sounds faster and livelier.

Anything by Etymotic.
Hi there I think better would be very subjective and would very much depend on what you are looking for? what is it you want to improve about the hd6xx?
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No worries tbh I suspect you can get quite a few at that range that will have a more lively sound due to the closed back nature of IEMs more bass extension and more treble. I had a pair of triple fi10 from back in the day they definitely had a more lively sound than the hd650 maybe a slight bit bright but at the time I didn't run them on anything special. Details is a hard one to judge as it depends on the amp you are using with the HD650 they scale very well. Have a look at the Etymotic ER3-XR they are getting great reviews on the internet. Can't say whether you will prefer them as that's for you to decide but I would say if you are going to try some they should be on the list.
Thanks for recommending! I'd definitely check them out. I am now using an o2, which should be more than enough.