Jan 22, 2019

Akg k181 dj ue

I bought the akg k181 dj ue. The sound is good, the bass is ok, it's perfect for a dj. Durable and foldable design which is convenient but the earpads are terrible. It's hot while wearing it. By and large, it a great pair of headphones for me.


Ok im just a regular Joe, I've been surrounded by music my whole life, I've always loved music. I've been dj'ing for 20 plus years. And I love these 181s. Really for the price and the quality and sound I think they are awesome. I've had alot of dj cans. Sony mdr, denon hp 1000 (loudest of em all), Pioneer hdj 2000 and se5000, senny hd8 and 25ii, etc. They all have good points but these tie it together for me. I've been using them everyday for a 3 hour commute for about a year, and they look and sound like new. Shanling m3 with jan mier amp. Just my 2 cents. I really want to try the Phillips a5 pro
"Good" and "Shitty" are still purely subjective. How do you measure those? Enquiring minds and all that rot....
Well, I never was able to hear the difference between a decent 320kbps lossy and for example a flac file. Tried several times, AB tests and so on. But I can perfectly hear the difference between good and shitty recordings. Most of the recent "redigitalized", "digitally remastered" online streams are but a piece of crap and that's the point. Xybit, billions of khz dont help make a bad record good.