Mechanical Keyboard Mods?

After finally buying my first mechanical keyboard, the MagicForce 68 with MX Reds, I've been thinking about modding the keyboard with new keycaps, keycap decals, o-rings, stickerbombing, etc. I was inspired by an old Reddit post showcasing some Pokemon keycaps someone had made:
I then found this template on WASD the other day for Pokemon keycap decals, and it seems easy enough to apply (I'm a bit of a Pokemon guy, if you couldn't tell):
I've also been looking around for other ways of modding, too. I found a YouTube channel called TaeKeyboards who mods/reviews mechanical keyboards, and made a video on vinyl wrapping the MagicForce 68:
My question is: what mods could you recommend to a novice mechanical keyboard fan, and what mods have you made to your own keyboards? Feel free to post pictures of your keyboards!


This is my magicforce 49 key (blue LEDs) with WASD puppy and Max keyboard switch tester keycaps. Its got o-rings on it. I bought a mini USB to micro USB cable so I can type on my phone. I also got that sleeve from Amazon so I can take everything with me. I'm finished with this board and I'm going to buy the Hall Effect in August.
Jul 14, 2017
My first mech board, I started with a Filco TKL with Browns for work...
Fitted O-rings to quieten down the sound when working in the office. Then got some RGB coloured modifier keys. Then an anodised aluminium case with USB module so that I can use a detachable custom coloured USB cable. Then a replacement "Pegasus Hoof" programmable controller. Then Dolch key cap set. And now a funky purpley anodised Esc key, and some more aluminium keys on the way!
In between all that I ended up buying a full size Cooler Master RGB for my gaming PC, and a Whitefox with DSA Granite keycaps!
Next up I want to build my own in a low profile acrylic case. It's a slippery slope!
Jul 13, 2017
Custom keycaps from WASD are a good way to start.
The first mods I started to implement in my boards were WASD's 40A-L o-rings on my caps to cut down on the racket my Blues and Greens made. I also have some on a Pok3r that has Clears but they feel a bit too mushy for my liking.
As for other novice level stuff, I have a 60% case I'm currently in the process of stick-bombing, but I'm not sure how I feel about it currently. I'll post pics when it's done and clear-coated.