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2060 or 2070

I've been looking to upgrade my gpu (1070) and I've narrowed it down between the new 2060 and the 2070. I've decided that if i get a 2060 i'd get the Asus ROG OC ($420) but should I just spend the extra bucks to upgrade to a 2070?

Why buy the rtx 2060 that cost 420. If you are planing it i think it is a better idea to get the cheaper 350. I dont see the point use the money to buy a premium mainstream card. The performance would be similar. the major difference between the $420 one and the 350 one is the cooler and they probably overclock it for you. I don't think overclocking should cost that much. Get a 350, which as gtx1070ti performance, rather 420 for a bit better 1070ti performance out of the box. The card would run louder. If you are going to spend 420 on rtx 2060 then it would be better to buy the cheaper rtx 2070 which cost around 489 to 499. rtx 2070 performance like a gtx 1080 and has the launch price of gtx 1080. the rtx 2070 does do better in game but rtx 2060 does have better value.
I think 2060 is gonna be a better year tbh. Don't quote me on that.
Why would you go for either of those cards? The difference is negligible. If you have to upgrade, go for a GTX 1080 Ti instead. You'll notice a large performance boost, and it'll be cheaper.
boom - agreed. Most 1080 ti's can be had for 450 if you can get it on craigslist. Just make sure you go with a company that supports transferable/receipt-less warranty redemption. Most of those cards should have .5-1.5 years left!
neither! go for a 1080(ti)used or wait for the 1160/1170
If you can get a 1080 Ti, used or new, I'd rather have that than a 2060. Unless you just really want barely playable Ray Tracing.
The 2060 wouldn't be much of an upgrade. If you insist I'd recommend the 2070 or wait for Navi. What games do you plan on playing?
Cities Skylines, War Thunder, Ring of Elysium, and PUBG.
What about a radeon 7
That's $600
Ehh, just keep 1070, 2060 not worth the price, what resolution do you game at?
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Unless you have a high refresh rate monitor, it's not really worth it.