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[Ongoing] Current Deals Elsewhere

I would like this thread to contain deals you found on writing products that had been previously featured on MD, and not currently offered by MD (you would have posted it in the product discussion anyway) Please include:
  1. Product name and model
  2. link
  3. Date of post, or better still expiration date if there is one.
Lefibonacci and Theroc

EndlessPens is offering the F-C E-Motion Pure Black for $99.75. It is hard to get it at a lower price anywhere: https://endlesspens.com/collections/sale/products/faber-castell-e-motion-pure-black-fountain-pen They also have Montegrappa 50ml inks on sale: https://endlesspens.com/collections/sale/products/montegrappa-ink-bottle-50ml If you are grabbing the pen you can take advantage of free shipping.
While this is not a big discount sale, Karas Kustoms have had 2 limited edition Vertex models for sale: http://karaskustoms.com/signature-pens/vertex-halpha.html
http://karaskustoms.com/signature-pens/vertex-chrysopoeia.html Starting at $140, I think it is a very good price. Sorry for posting this too late, but they may come up with more variants, who knows.
Anyone have any idea why there are not many drops in writing??? I feel like they were dropping 5-7 pens per days and I haven’t seen a new drop in 3 days!! Am I missing something?
Showing signs of addiction I see... I have no idea. Last 2 weeks did feel dry, but drops seem to be coming up now, no? I have been busy figuring out my game plan for the upcoming SF Pen Show, so I haven't really been paying too much attention to the drops.
Amazon is selling the ONLINE Business Line Wood Art Calligraphy set for ~$70. That's about half the list price for this set. https://www.amazon.com/Wood-Art-Calligraphy-Set-1-4mm/dp/B003NE2YH2
Hmm mine shows that the regular price is around $70. Still, this is a nice looking set. I wonder if you can swap the nibs for more variation. Funny, I just revived an old Osmiroid set, and I was surprised by how smooth the writing experience is, and it actually made my hand writing look different! I am not talking about how italics improve the look, I was comparing it against other italic nibs I own.

Yeah, Amazon's "list price" does not make much sense. Here's a price history of the pen:
The green is Amazon's price, the blue and red are 3rd party new and used, respectively. And yes, Online nibs screw in, Kaweco-style.
Pen Boutique is having a Christmas in July sale. The Pineider black honeycomb is on closeout for $558. Other brands include Visconti, MB and Cross. Some Parker too. https://www.penboutique.com/collections/christmas-in-july?utm_campaign=Chrismas+in+July+(HrLqPZ)

EndlessPens has the Opus 88 Fantasia on sale for $75. That's the lowest price for this pen anywhere ever. https://endlesspens.com/products/opus-88-fantasia-fountain-pen
Do you remember Drop’s price for this pen?
Not exactly. But I can give a pretty reliable estimate: $86-$94. This, based on discussions I participated in when the drop was live. Also, turns out I was wrong about this being the lowest price ever. I checked my purchase history and I had bought the pen from Endless for $72.00 during their Christmas sale last year.
Parker Duofold Centennial "Big Red" fountain pen with 18kt fine nib on Amazon Prime right now for under $225: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BM3TEW8 Probably the lowest price ever, globally. It is already out of stock but you can still order it, ships July 20th.
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Yes. Can confirm. It's gone for me too. Well, can't say I am surprised. Its dropped to this price before and by the time I get notice it's already sold out. I think it's still worth keeping an eye on it. There's a good chance it will come back.
In the meantime I have a Conklin Duragraph to tide me over
Holy Discount Batman! Lamy Imporium for $230! This pen has some heft, but is beautifully weighted. Although I have become less enamoured with metal pens, this pen made me think twice. I would have opted this over the Dialog3 had this deal been around then. https://endlesspens.com/products/lamy-imporium-fountain-pen
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You better be seated for the next one: Not just the ones you don't like, but also the ones you don't like the most!!! I'll let you recover from the shock.
I need a drink.
I got a coupon code for 10% off the M600 Violet White: code is: WhiteViolet (creative right haha), free shipping too
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Thanks! I just subscribed to both. I like Appelboom, but I'm located in the US so usually like endless because I can get good shipping deals.
Yes. For Parker pens, for instance, look elsewhere. The Centennial will sometimes go on sale on Amazon for under $230. Sells out in minutes, though.
I think EndlessPens is competing against MD on the Lamy studio olive drop they’re selling them for $43!! They’re always going soo low!!
Pelikan M800 & M805 fountain pens in the $270-$290 range +S&H from the Amazon Global UK store. The M805 Stresemann with fine nib, for instance, comes out to a total of $290 when choosing global priority shipping: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RVDN0GA
I would have gone for it had I not decided to go for the M1000. I tried one out a few weeks ago, and I’m trying hard to come up with reasons not to buy one.
I got both. That's not even the half of it... I said too much :p Let's just say that the current prices aren't even the lowest they've been. Easy to get carried away.
Killer deal on the Rotring 800 ball point pens right now, over on Amazon. $28.60 VS $81 MSRP. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077GQDPYM/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_BzQaDbXZ3YH77

That price is nuts!
Goulet has a flash sale going on. Lamy replacement gold nibs $75 for all widths. Get that amazing EF! https://www.gouletpens.com/collections/june-flash-sale/products/lamy-14k-gold-nib-two-tone?variant=11884860932139 2019.06.06
Pen Chalet have the new Opus 88 Omar Demonstrator on pre-order for $98. That's $25 off retail. https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/opus88_omar_demo_fountain_pen.html
Came across a limited edition Wancher pen based on Sailor for $30, plus $10 shipping to USA: https://www.wancherpen.com/products/wancher-original-osamu-dazai-110th-birth-anniversary The pen looks very attractive to me, and I wasn’t able to find a Sailor for under $100. Don’t know anything about Osamu Dazai, but I just might hunt down an English translation of No Longer Human. 500 units, numbered.
Endless Pens is having a Memorial week sale. Lots of Lamy models. Dialog 3 for $185