Top 5 Ravnica Allegiance Cards for Modern
With the success of Magic the Gathering Arena, Standard has been undoubtedly what everyone has on their mind since the release of Ravnica Allegiance, but Modern is still a thing. Let’s see what cards from the new set could slot into Modern. Pteramander Some might say this is the Delver of Secrets of our era (or maybe it’s just me). Anyhow, the card sparked a lot of discussion as it was spoiled, already made it’s way in a few Standard decks and now, we have proof that it is playable in Modern.
This is the list that Kale Thompson took to Top 4 of GP Toronto this last weekend, but Ross Merriam is the one who first introduced Pteramander to the archetype. There is no doubt that the card is strong enough for Modern. I’m interested to see if it starts popping out in decks like Jeskai as an alternate threat. Growth Spiral Explore was a card that saw play here in there throughout its existence. Decks like Red/Green Valakut and Amulet Titan have been playing it and are unlikely to play Growth Spiral because of the blue requirement, but what about blue versions of Scapeshift? Well, as it turns out, it did not take long for someone to integrate instant speed Explore to their Blue Scapeshift deck. Antonin Legault took his version to undefeated after day 1 of GP Toronto.
It makes a lot of sense, Explore being a Sorcery did not work super well with the controlling elements of your deck as in Remand and Cryptic Command. To reliably hit an extra land drop with Growth Spiral you need to up the land count and that’s exactly what’s going here in this 27 land version. Prime Speaker Vannifar I’ve never been a Birthing Pod kind of guy, but I do know lots of people who lived by that card. The printing of Prime Speaking Vannifar kept a lot of people busy in the brewing cave. My good friend and recent roommate, Philippe Gareau, is one of those affected people. He could not resist and submitted the following deck at GP Toronto.
The deck does not really have much results to show for yet, outside of some nasty combo lines including sacrificing 4 creatures and untapping Prime Speaker Vannifar multiple times in the same turn to end up with infinite creatures thanks to Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. We must admit that it is not easy to find the right build for the deck, should it include Rhythm of the Wild, Hall of the Bandit Lord, or Postmortem Lunge? Should it be kept a value deck that can combo? I’m certainly not the person that will find out, but you should keep an eye out for the perfect 75 in a future Magic Online decklist. Skewer the Critics and Light Up the Stage I put those two together because they are meant to be in the same kind of deck. It’s not subtle at all, it’s just Burn. People have adopted Skewer the Critics over Skullcrack and at this point it seems to be a shared opinion by almost all Burn players.
Light Up the Stage has been a lot more controversial. Something that’s for sure, it requires to lower your curve to make sure you can always easily cast the cards you hit with it. I believe the way to go is the black splash for Bump in the Night. You are cutting a two mana card for it, either Lightning Helix or Boros Charm, it lets you have more one mana burn spells and let’s you use extra land you might hit with Light Up the Stage because of the six mana flashback part. By playing black you also get sweet sideboard cards like Rakdos Charm and Collective Brutality. With Krark-Clan Ironworks now banned it really feels like we got a refreshing Modern format and I can't wait to see if more Ravnica Allegiance cards starts popping out. Let me know in the comments if you got a spicy deck!
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