Massdrop get into Vinyl records and audiophile turntables?

I would love to see Massdrop start a new category for vinyl records. It could be repressings of particularly well-mastered recordings that are difficult, and thus expensive to obtain, or simply not available at all. If your like-minded, let's full-court pressure this. To continue in this vein, I'd love to see Massdrop get into audiophile quality turntables, but there is a pathway for this in place, it just seems that interest isn't there, only the occasional entry-level decks.
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Feb 20, 2019
I mean, I'd prefer the high end reel to reel on massdrop. If we're reviving analog audio, let's go for the source and not settle for vinyl. Not only is it more elitist and costly, it's also more delicate and inconvenient to's as win win.
Feb 21, 2019
I think you're not far enough up the analog audio chain. Imagine your excitement when the van pulls up in front of your house and out step the Massdrop X Eagles, the Massdrop X Pink Floyd, or the Massdrop X Rolling Stones! It's not the actual band, of course. But it is a really good cover band, maybe even better than the original, containing one or more stage musicians who toured with real band. They'd all show up in black suits, with black instruments - or at least you think they're black. But when you shine a flashlight on them up close, you see a slight tinge of color, and realize that it's actually an exclusive "midnight blue." Of course, if you want to get the absolute best performance out of your cover band, you'll also need to get the Massdrop X Spinal Tap guitar amp for them, and turn it all the way up to 11. Then you'll really be able to tell the difference between your cover band and the regular ones you find in a bar. Will. Sell. Like. Hotcakes.