Feb 27, 2019

Asus Crosshair VII and HD6XX

Would Asus Crosshair VII drive the HD6XX or should I buy an amp or amp and dac?

The mob’s will always be more compromised with noise issues for sound. EVGA & Audio Note have made a card that is now the best engineered solution for a pc. You will want to swap out the op-amp, at least for cans, with the likes of a MUSES02. For line out I have not looked into it; a friend did the muses and said superb with HD660 & HD58X’s. Actually it looks to be a steal, because it was a project driven internally by an audiophile,, the founder of EVGA, who knows the other... They could not keep the low price point with a MUSES02 installed,, but they are trying hard, to tell you to swap:
I would not focus on the mob. Otherwise, a better, external dac/amp will always trump an internal pc design; noise... https://www.evga.com/articles/01281/evga-nu-audio/

https://www.njr.com/MUSES/series/MUSES02.html Get the MUSES02 through a contracted distributary; too many fakes out there: https://www.profusionplc.com/parts/muses02