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I need a quality and long battery support Earbud, Which brands will be better?

My son demands me for a pair of earbud and he ordered to buy an Apple airpod. But now I am not able to afford the price. Even I cannot avoid my son's demand. From 5 hours i am searching low budget earpod but can not decide. Highly I can invest $100 for the earbud. I choose 3 brands, just suggest me which one i can pick!!!
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If we're talking about truly wireless earbuds, these would be my 1st choice: Why? I already own a set of Simgot EN700 Pro IEM's & their performance is stellar. Of course these are wired & way above this price range but the ratings are very good & I trust the brand. It'll be tough to beat the price as well! If you don't need truly wireless, I'd wait for the Soundmagic E11BT's to be available here (USA). I have a pair of E11C's that sound pretty good as well as used to own the E10BT. I passed those on to my nephew.
Thank you.
But dear friends Jabra is very nice but i can not able to bye because my price rage 100.
I was in the same boat. Not only are the Apple Airpods expensive, being a musician and audiophile I know there is better options, if not for only a bit more in price (maybe even less). I ended up after research using the Jabra Elite 65t active. Retail is about $180, but you can find them on eBay refurbed direct from Jabra manufacturer on Ebay for about $130. Will sound great.!15122!US!-1&frcectupt=true