Is this actually possible?


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Mar 9, 2019
The convert part, sure. The "make it sharper" part is parroting marketing speak - undefined and therefore unprovable/un-sue-able. Ultimately, what's in the recording is what's in the recording - well, the digital file of the recording, technically. This conversion can't create or find new detail that isn't there, which is what is being implied (I think with no ill intent from that author) . The marketers are trying to associate their audio processing with Hi-Res audio, which is a different thing/rabbit hole altogether, and typically encompasses the entire production process, beginning at the recording. Where there are audible differences with settings like this, it's typically the result of accompanying digital signal processing. It's not an accident that it appears alongside the concert hall and tube amp settings. When I play with it on my S8, it seems to add a small volume boost, and maybe a bit of mid-bass, both of which can give the impression of richer sound. But whether you like it or not is completely up to you and your ears, and there's no harm in playing with it. In fact it's all part of the fun of the hobby.