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2 1080 or 1080ti

hi I am debating on getting 2 1080 or 1080ti.
the games I'm going to be playing are csgo, h1z1, gta 5, pubg ect
please leave some comments

2 GTX 1080s can produce higher frame rates. However 1 single GTX 1080ti will give you a better experience.
Without going into the weeds, you don't want to get 2 cards unless you have to (Needing more performance than the fastest single card provides)
SLI is also very highly game dependent, and doesn't always scale. Sometimes, it may only give a 20-40% boost in your game. So you're better off with 1 1080ti on average. This is before getting into things like frame pacing and smoothness.
Short and sweet without me posting a novel about video cards, one of my favorite things, get a GTX 1080ti.
I own two 1080s and for the games I play, gta v, arma 3, fallout 4, ark, and some other high demanding graphic games, I would suggest the two 1080, if you are playing indie games that might not be the most optimized or have the best sli profiles I would highly suggest the 1080ti
Depends of your configuration if u play PUBG @1080p 60Hz or if you thinking to play @1440P 144hz it won't be the same stuff ...
1080ti it is cheaper and more future proof because u can always buy another gtx1080ti and sli it in the future when it becomes obselete.
2 1080
1 card > 2 cards typically
in your case, I'd 100% get the 1080ti
Speaking from expierence. I have a pair of 1080s and it's highly dependant on the game you're playing.
A single card will be a better solution and will net you a better/smoother expierence. Just get the best single card you can. Overall, SLI isn't worth the hassle.
most games aren't made and don't play so well with 2 graphics cards so one 1080ti should do the trick.(it will play anything lol )
Two are kind of overrated. Just drop the money for a 1080 ti. It's a safer bet. If money is somewhat of an object then the ti.