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Okto Research DAC8 DSP

I would like to see a drop of the Okto Research DAC8 DSP. I think that it would be a product that most in the community could benefit from; I certainly would.!/~/
Daniele Arculéo, TryinHard, and 14 others

This is a strong contender for being the best quality DAC in the world right now.
I'd also like this, but the one with raspberry pi in it... dac8 stereo.
Yep. I'd back that. (Only one of the three versions is no longer available.)
How much is it ? I heard its on pre order. Is this the best dac of all time.
Around $1000 I believe. It would allow you to DSP correct and digitally crossover all before converting to analog (also no preamp needed). And it's analog output measures very clean. So you would have your digital source > this > amplifiers (don't need volume control or anything else) > speaker drivers (no passive crossovers needed)
I love how they say the "future of crossovers is digital" or you know the current state of pro audio... personally I would rather purchase a quality DAC and active crossover separately but I am a big fan of dedicated components.
What's the usual retail price? FYI they are no longer taking orders because one of the main chip/modules is no longer available. Sorry, but unlikely to see a drop.