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Dac/amp combo for 58x

Any suggestions?
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Mar 27, 2019
Audient iD14. In my opinion, it makes the HD 58X sound dynamically impressive, and with a tall and wide soundstage. Music sounds around the head, not inside or just in front. Imagine a DAC/amp combo showing you a single piece of paper with all the track elements drawn on it. It sounds good and clean, but image-wise, aurally flat . Every sound is coming pretty much from the same plane. Lots are like that. Now imagine a DAC/amp combo showing you every track element on its own piece of paper floating at different heights over one big piece of paper. The Audient iD14 is like that. It's a joy to listen to music with it, because whatever is in the track and however it is, you will hear it clearly. While it's not a "bright" amp, no detail is left behind. If it's there, your ears won't miss it. EVERY track in an album sounds different through it. You can really hear the difference in microphones, compressors, effects, etc. It has one of the best headphone outputs I have ever heard in my life for not being a dedicated audiophile headphone amplifier, and it also records as good as it sounds. For $299, it's one of those hidden bargains. God bless!
Mar 26, 2019
You might want to look at the Mica OriGen G2. That's what I'm currently using with my 58X, nice, simple entry level DAC/Amp combo. It has great reviews too.
KlashI am also using the G2 with the HD58X
What is your budget? That will help people give better advice if they know how much you have to work with
Mar 26, 2019
erickongI'm willing to wait for better stuff so anywhere in between 100 to 300
Mar 26, 2019
HayakuMaximThe X58 doesn't need much. The "Better stuff" is only needed if you plan to get harder to drive headphones moving forward. The 02 + SDAC is a great option (not currently on drop), the Topping DX3, iFi Nano, Grace SDAC + Liquid Spark or JDS Atom. All great options around $200, but the SDAC + Liquid Spark is probably the way I'd go.
Mar 25, 2019
Schiit Modi 3 + JDS atom
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