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Beneficial PC Peripherals

I'm in the place now where I am trying to round out my PC gaming experience. Jumping from the beginner stages to more of an intermediate PC user stage. I have a nice keyboard, headset, PC, and monitor. I am interested in everyone's recommended, not necessarily a necessity but definitely beneficial, peripherals they use to provide the best PC gaming experience. (i.e. cable bungees, higher end gaming mice, over-sized mouse pads, etc.). I am open to all items but would like to stick to a price range of $0 to $150 per item. If there's something crazy expensive, feel free to add it just for fun( always fun to have your "winning the lottery" kind of daydreams.) Thanks everyone who contributes!

  • For Mice: I recommend checking RocketJumpNinja on youtube. He has great reviews on mice. I'd get either the Logitech G102 (my current mouse, 30~$) or the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse (150~$).

  • For Controllers: I'd add either or all, Bluetooth dongle, xbox dongle or ps4 dongle. in addition, if you like, the Mayflash Gamecube Controller Adapter.

  • For Mouse Pad: Still recommend RocketJumpNinja. Personally I use and love the corsair MM300

  • For Chair: I'm not saying get an expensive gaming chair, or anything over the top, but I find it important to have a good chair, especially considering how long I'm at my desk. For me, a good office chair works, but your mileage may vary.
  • In addition to headset, I use an amp hooked up to a 5 speaker setup. In case I don't want to use my headset or friends are over for some local games.
If you want anything software, feel free to hit me up. Hope this helps!
This is great, thank you!
The HyperX Alloy is a great keyboard. Personally, I use a Logitech G413 because I like the RomerG tactile switches, but the Alloy is great for CherryMX. I have the wired version of the Corsair Harpoon and love it, but hear that the G502 is really nice. The G903, Steelseries Rival 650, Finalmouse Air58 Ninja and Razer Deathadder elite/Mamba elite are nice mice, too. If you have large hands, the Corsair M65 Pro is amazing, but it feels really weird if your hands aren't the right size. Before you get a mouse, I highly recommend you try it in a store first to make sure it fits your hand. I use the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pros for a gaming headset. I think that, out of all my friends, my audio is the best. Cloud Flights are great, but upgrading to the 900 Pros or a Sennheiser will make a big difference. I would pair it with a Blue Snowball or Yeti Mic, but if you don't play online games that isn't even necessary. Corsair just came out with a new oversized mouse pad that looks really nice, but if you just want a good mouse pad get the Steelseries QcK. It comes in different sizes, its cheap, and its simply the best on the market right now. One final thought; what are your PC's specs? If they support it, I recommend overclocking. Then, if you don't mind the noise, ramp your fans to 100% to get the most power out of your system.
Thank you so much for all of this! I have definitely been wary of trying to overclock my computer. I'll have to get back to you on specs, what typically do you look for spec-wise that would allow you to comfortably overclock your PC?
Any PC with any cooling whatsoever can be overclocked; however, some parts do not support overclocking. Your CPU has to be 'unlocked' to be overclockable, and your motherboard has to be compatible, too. The motherboard isn't as much of an issue nowadays, but if you have an Intel CPU that doesn't have a K at the end, like the i7-8700, you won't be able to overclock. All AMD Ryzen CPUs are unlocked. Spec-wise, the only specific piece of hardware that I look for is the aforementioned unlocked CPU. Other than that, you just want solid cooling. If you're wary, overclock your RAM first because it's the easiest, than move up from there.
What is your current keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset? Novelkeys has some cool desk mats. They are thick, have stitched edges, and have cool designs. If you are interested in spending money. Try out the audiophile community
I just upgraded to a HyperX Alloy FPS RGB keyboard, and a HyperX Cloud Flight headset. Mouse is a Logitech G502. I don't dislike it, but I am interested to hear what other people use. And Mouse pad is just a regular one that I got from a friend for free. I think CyberPC is the brand. I'll check those things out, thank you!
I have a Novelkeys desk mat. A Logitech G502 also. The new Odin mouse by glorious PC gaming race looks awesome. My keyboard is a 40% with Gateron reds. My headphones are the Philips SHP9500