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New comer to the world of knives.

Hello everyone, so I have been getting into knives more in the past few months. I do have a few that I think are decent and have lasted me a while. But I want to know what everyone one else would recommend. Just looking for a knife that will do everything and look nice as well.

Very popular and loved in the knife community is the Spyderco Para 2. Great EDC.
There's a world of difference between what you can get for $100 and what you can get for $200. Worth knowing what you're looking for. In production knives the difference is between a good rugged knife and an heirloom quality knife your grandkids will have one day so long as you provide extremely basic maintenance to it. Alternately, that $200 can get you a knife that's still just good, but has a wild design that catches the eye. All matters what you care about. If you're just starting out, the ease with which you can resharpen your blade is important. I'm going to make some suggestions with good steel that nevertheless can be sharpened fairly easily, and you can thank me later. These all reflect my specific tastes, don't stray terribly far from the pack in terms of conventional wisdom, and can all be argued for or against, but I can vouch for them all as being strong choices. Light knives: Benchmade Bugout 535 with S30V Spyderco Chaparral with CTS-XHP More expensive -- Benchmade Osborne 940-2 with S30V Medium knives: Benchmade Griptilian 551 with S30V Fox 479 Folding Karambit with Emerson Wave pocket deploy and Bohler N690Co Lionsteel SR22A with Sleipnir More expensive -- Benchmade Freek 560 with M4 Heavy knives: Spyderco Paramilitary 2 with S30V Benchmade Contego 810 with M390 Zero Tolerance 0450 with S35VN More expensive -- Benchmade Bedlam, 154CM
If you just want one knife that does it all while looking fantastic I recommend the Zero Tolerance 0393. But with your price range of 0-$200 you have at least 100+ solid options. Like Eric mentioned BladeHQ has an extensive range of knives and if you check them out on YouTube you're likely to find a review of what you want. I also recommend DLT Trading.
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Good choice. Can't go wrong .
I ended up going with the yojimbo 2. I liked the blade shape more.
Blade steel I’m not too familiar with, but blade length 3.5, over all length 7.5, drop point or tanto. And budget 100-200
BladeHQ has a really good filtering system. With your budget, you could easily get an S35VN blade steel knife. It's one of the super/premium blade steel. If you want to stick to Massdrop. Look at the Ferrum Forge collaboration knives
Ok cool and that’s the main reason I can on here. I heard the Massdrop was cheap but very good and high in quality.
Please specify budget, blade length, overall length, blade shape, blade steel, etc. That will help people provide you a better recommendation