Apr 2, 2019

Top 6 MEGA Magnetic Marbles Games

Challenge your friends to real analog fun. Marbles were invented in 1846 by a German glassblower. 172 years later, they haven't changed much. Until now. MEGA are futuristic marbles with a magnetic twist. 27 X larger than their magnetic cousin, Nanodots Magnetic Constructors, MEGA are made of military grade ceramic ferrite. You can check them out and pick up a super sweet two-pack offer NOW. For the Massdrop community which has supported Nano along the way , we've put together a Top 6 List of MEGA Magnetic Marbles Games. Harness the Force and challenge your friends to a match of Crazy Tower, Calvary, Marble Shoot-out, or even create your own tower defense game. 1. Marble Shoot-Out Play classic marbles games, with new rules. MEGA take the fun and competitiveness of marbles games, and mix it with the mysteriousness of buzzing magnets. Flick, toss, nudge, fling, poke, roll...you get the picture.

2. Chess Knight Game Test your chess skills with this new game called Calvary. Using the tactics of Knights, show your friends who the real chess master is.
Play the opening like a book, the middle game like a magician, and the endgame like a machine. - Spielmann.

3. Crazy Tower Challenge Engineer your own tower building construction. May the best tower builder win.

4. Chess Bishop Test your mettle with this chess inspired spin-off based around Bishop moves and techniques. Sharpen your strategies, tactics, and endgames. Choose your strategy wisely.

5. PANIC! Desk Art Challenge You're in the middle of challenging your coworker to a game Chess Knight and you suddenly hear your boss's footsteps coming down the hall. What do you do? Transform your MEGA game into the desk art of champions. How fast can you construct this bobble head kitty?

6. Counters and Tokens Introduce MEGA into your existing board and playing card games. Hold up your cards with no hands like a boss or use them as counters for your favorite card games like Magic The Gathering. The mysterious buzzing magnet sound will surely psych out the most serious of opponent.


I will definitely have some fun with the Bishop chess moves game ! A great spin on chess. Thank you for the fun ideas.
I would love to hear from you. Have you invented your own games or iterations of classic games? Have any ideas you want us to create instructions for? Geek out with me fellow board game fans!