Apr 5, 2019

Calligraphy - What pens do you use and how do you practice?

As a fountain pen user, surely you must have dabbled in calligraphy nibs/pens. As I've always aspired to create pieces like how Jake Weidmann does them, time and material constraint left me contented with just doodling in my ever-growing collection of Midori and Life by Noble notebooks. I am curious to see your work, how you do them, what pens/nibs you use and which are your favourites. I travel a lot and as such, can only carry with me, the Pilot Parallel pens and cartridges. The thing I like about it is the ability to gradually mix colours by keeping the nibs of two Parallels in contact with each other momentarily. My doodles have lots of smudges because of shaky hand but I still keep at it because it's therapeutical to write in oblique and below are pages of my travel logbook. Please, take a snapshot and show us your hidden calligrapher's talent!!!


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