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Any dedicated music players compatible with programs like spotify, or maybe tidal?

My phone doesnt hold aux cables anymore :/

Tidal is available on several standalone players, including the Hiby R3, Fiio M6, and the Activo CT10. Two of those use very-skinned Android at the core.
Do you care how you get the sound to the DAP? If I'm casually listening I stream Spotify through my Shanling M3s, Bluetooth connected to my phone. If I'm not so casually listening, the DAP sounds decent or can be USB connected to a better DAC/amp setup. Bluetooth is a no-no for "true Audiophiles" though. Generally I agree, but if I'm not really focusing on the music so much as using it as a backdrop I care a whole lot less.
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My point exactly. Yes, I'm missing out, but generally when I use it, that's just fine. I'm not listening for that additional 10% at those times. When I am looking for that last 10%, I will absolutely avoid BT though. The BT connection on M3S is a good work-around for the app capable android based players.
Agreed, if it's "active listening" mode, the full rig comes out. In the airport, on the plane or working... BT works just fine.
Yeah, I figured that would end up being the main solution. Thank you for the answer though!
Look for Android based Digital Audio players. There are tons out there right now but most will run you almost what a new phone does and pretty much all have some sort of limitation on the streaming services (offer some but not the others, don't allow downloads or only a very small amount). If streaming is the vast majority of your listening buying a new phone may be the better option.