Layout, Material & Other Big Decisions

Keyboards can be tiny, massive, and everything in between. After much deliberation, we’ve decided the tenkeyless layout is the most widely applicable to the community. It strikes the perfect balance between compact layouts and full-size layouts with much larger footprints. It also has a full set of arrows and function keys for programming hotkeys and macros. To do the CTRL’s tenkeyless layout justice, we know we need a sleek case. To achieve a clean look that jives in the office or the game room, we’re making it with aluminum. Aluminum is easy to anodize, powder coat, and CNC machine. It’s also strong and heavy enough to stay put on the desktop, but not so heavy that it’s difficult to take on the go. As for the color, we’ve explored many variations of silver and black, and ultimately landed right in the middle with anodized gunmetal gray. The community loved the gunmetal colorway on the Planck and Preonic keyboards, so it seems a natural choice for the CTRL.
thumb_upDuncan, Khang Vuong, and 2 others

Aug 21, 2020
Hi, do these support pcb mount switches, or only plate mounts?