Drop + NuForce Move Wireless In-Ear Monitors
Apr 23, 2019706 views

Announcing Our Next Collaboration With NuForce

Our first three collaborations with NuForce brought you a single-driver IEM named The Absolute Sound’s 2017 Product of the Year, a celebrated triple-driver follow-up, and a Bluetooth IEM that made listening on the go more convenient than ever. For our fourth collaboration, we’re excited to introduce the Drop + NuForce Move. Why the name “Move”? Because this wireless IEM is made for absolute freedom—from cables, from distractions, and from annoying connection drops. We’re making no compromises: we want connectivity you can count on, a sound that brings the best out of your music, and a cleaner, more understated aesthetic than what’s currently out there. Simply put, we’re making an earphone that fits frictionlessly into your life. Stay tuned for updates along the way.
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