Drop + NuForce Move Wireless In-Ear Monitors
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Music Listening With More Freedom Than Ever

They’re here! The Drop + NuForce Move IEMs promise best-in-class connectivity and wireless performance. Each pair features True Wireless technology: the result of a year and a half of collaborative development and testing. Boasting a full-range sound, remarkable clarity, an IPX5 waterproof rating, and 24 hours of battery life with the included charging case, they’re a great option for running on the treadmill, commuting to work, and transitioning seamlessly between tasks at home.
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I will be the first to buy these when they support the APTX Suite. It's kind of a shame that despite being 2x the weight of competing Chi-fi buds they still can't pack a DD BA combo into one. Guess I'll be waiting til 2020 to buy true wireless.
Can these receive and initiate a phone call (using Siri to call out)? Or if they cannot summon Siri, can they take over a call placed from the iPhone?
https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/drop-nuforce-move-wireless-iem-review.7867/ $90. BUY THIS NOW. ENUF SAID. I'm dead serious. Does this have the technicalities, the resolution, the clarity, the articulation of TOTL IEMs? I won't BS you and tell you that it does. However, the frequency response is righteous, as perfect as can be given the limitations, the timbre, and the distortion characteristics of the drivers. I mean, it's really well tuned, at least for me. I'd say just a bit warm with good midrange presence. However, I think IEM guys who love massive bass or a V or U shaped response might not like this right off the bat. I spoke to Christian and he mentioned that he spent most of this efforts tuning the frequency response, a db here, a db there, until it got to the point where he was happy. I'd glad he did, because the tuning is really nice. Christian  said to me that maybe some people will call it boring, but his vision is that over time, people will understand that it works with all sorts of different recordings. He wants us to like them 3 years from now and not have the MOVE be a passing fad. The MOVE's frequency response is below (hmm, kind of looks like Jude's GRAS results). Drop + NuForce MOVE Wireless IEM Frequency Response
Oh yeah, I should mention that in terms of audiophile technicalities, the MOVE is very capable. Not near the best, but very capable that I have no problem listening to it for enjoyment and better than any wireless pods that Apple could ever provide. Let's call this true entry-level audiophile, with a winning tonal balance. I threw all sorts of recordings at it, especially my suite of challenging ones (some sharp, some sibilant, some super bassy, some just crappy) which I knew would sound bad on the wrong IEM or headphone, and every single recording passed the test. There wasn't a single recording which I though sounded bad or wrong on the MOVE. So why the heck and I so excited about this if I happen to have $1000+ IEMs lying around? The truth is, I only carry my TOTL IEMs (along with my Sony ZX2) around when I have to travel by plane and am stuck in airports, taxis, trains, etc. The rest of the time, when I am running around in El Lay or in the office, I only carry my Pixel 2 phone. I used to have a Pixel 1 which had a headphone jack. Thanks to Apple and their evil influence, new phones don't have headphone jacks. Sure the Pixel 2 has a dongle for wired headphones, but carrying this around is a hassle, and I think I lost it somewhere in the house. I've been in way too many situations where I wished I had a decent pair of IEMs that could easily work with my Pixel and that didn't sound like ass. The MOVE is a godsend. Another reason why I'm so excited: Drop + Nuforce have solved the charging and turn-off problem. I hate chargers, already have too many wires, and I always forget to turn things off. The case for the MOVE has form-fitting recesses that actually charge the IEMs while they are placed in there. It feels like something Bruce Wayne would have. See below.
The case has a USB C in the back (USB cable provided) for charging. But here's the kicker. The case itself has its own battery which can fully charge up the IEMs up to three times. The IEMs will last up to 6 hours with a charge, so with the case fully charged, we are looking up to 24 hours of playtime. Before I forget, I should mention that the comfort is fantastic. I don't know how Drop does it with many of their IEM collaborations, but they just fit right and on top of it all, they are light. Finally, I should mention that there are all sorts of doodad options, like a press on the IEM back pauses the music player or YouTube (if you look carefully in the photos, the back of the IEM is a button). A longer press on the left side lowers volume, the right increases volume. I found other combinations to go forward and back on the playlist. All this stuff works magically on the Android (sorry no iPhone here, but I'm sure the functionality is also there with iPhones.) This has been a great experience throughout, from the moment I opened up the box and saw the case; and the moment I opened the case, with the realization that the case also served as a portable charger. And then the sound. Wow. I kept running recording after recording thinking that at least I'd find a serious tonal balance flaw somewhere or something that really annoyed me, but I didn't. Color me surprised. The Drop + Nuforce MOVE greatly exceeded expectations. The things that sucked? The manual (folded sheet) was stuffed between two cardboard pieces against the inside wall of the box. I didn't even know it was in there until Christian told me. Also, the manual kind of sucks. The hieroglyphics and small print were too hard for someone old and impatient like me to decipher. It's my understanding that Christian is working on a quick-start guide to lay all these functions out clearly. OTHER NOTES:
  • I definitely wouldn't call them bass lite. They are like the Plus IEMs with slightly more lows or Andromedas with more DF compensation. The timbre is richer, on the more full bodied end of balanced armature drivers.
  • The Stride are nice, but I'm going with these now since the charging, fit, and frequency response aspects are more friendly.
  • The Pinnacle MEE PX with deep insertion (triple flange tips) has overall steeper downward slope and loses its 4kHz peak. I actually measured it on a dummy head and confirmed it. I did not follow up and post these results.
  • As far as the more advanced codecs, would have been nice. But these aren't at the $1000+ IEM level where the better codecs are going to be more noticeable. The use case is usability in the with good, but not TOTL sound quality. Heck, I use Amazon music on my phone, not FLACs, so it doesn't matter.
  • And yes, they are great for the gym, and also hot tub after. They do have some water resistance.

how did u get them so early lol
How do you deal with the sound hole of each earbud? A lot of vendors choose to cover it with a micro metal net using glue. The micro metal net is used to prevent micro dust or secretion of ears from dropping into the earbud. I already have two TWS earbuds. All of them use glue to cover the micro metal net over the sound hole. But the bad news is: the stickiness of the glue will become weaker after the earbud wet by sweat or used on hot days.
Will it be better than AirPod?
It will definitely be. Airpods don't actually sound that good, especially to an audiophile.
The drivers in the Airpods are fine. The Airpods isolation is terrible, but that's by design. The isolation alone will almost certainly make these sound signficantly better for music. They won't be as good as Airpods for fitness or phone calls and conferences. It remains to be seen if the latency is good enough for video. These have the hardware to do low latency. Airpods are class-leading for wireless latency and even then they are only barely acceptable for video. I'd like to bite, but I'll hold off for a while. Too many "high end" wireless earbuds have had problems with connection drops. At $130, these have the potential to be awesome.
Are there any features to find them if they're lost? This is a huge problem for me and I don't want to lose these if I get them.
Will these come with the option to turn up ambient sounds or at least not block them?
im pretty sure they have that feature but not positive.
Was really hoping that a creator would answer this lol
They are $90 dollars right know the price drop the original price was $130
Could the audiophile folks give me a good summary of how these wireless earbuds compare to the jlab air earbuds?
I only has CASH how can i buy?
Put the cash on a gift card
why is the estimated shipping date September 27?
It would be amazing if we could get on-board storage so we can literally be free of everything, especially our phones!
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I know, and what I’m saying is not impossible. Take a look at the Bragi Dash, I own a pair of those and they have on-board storage. That came out a few years ago and I’d expect that technology has advanced in this field since then, enough so that it’s no longer super difficult to make. My only issue with my Dash is that the audio quality is meh. But I’m not complaining because you’re always taking a risk with all first generation tech. Also, one of the most impressive feats of the Dash is that the size is no larger than the typical wireless earphones that are being produced today, which I believe most do not have on-board storage. It would be amazing if this had on-board storage and still remain focused on sound quality. Then like I said, it can really be said that you can be free of everything. ;)
And the price would go up from $130 to $200+
Will these be better than Jabra Active Elite 65t?
How much are these?
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NuForce has 'BE Free 5' on their website for $99. What is the difference between this 'Move' and 'BE Free 5'?
Everything, except the look of the charging case as well as the inner shape of the IEM. Driver, Bluetooth chipset, microphones, functionality etc. Sorry for the boring answer.
What about all those crazy-expensive, aftermarket, super upgrade IEM cables and all the guys who make them?!!! How will they feed their families?!!! How could MD do this to them? What's next--Wireless keyboards?!!!!
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the Competition!
Moron Dufus
I've had a quick listen to these already and from the few minutes I had with them I was very impressed. I have a few cheap pairs and the Jabra 65t's and these guys definitely blew the rest of them out of the water for music. The Jabras will get to stick around thanks to their nice microphone for calls, but if that wasn't the case they would be relegated to the crap drawer in the kitchen to make room for these.
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Didnt get to try it, so unsure. The Jabra mic is quite good, so that will be a good comparison for sure.
How does it sound compared to Sennheiser Momentum true wireless or other higher end true wireless earphones?
Where is the option to buy?
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lmfao. Yep.
Galaxy Buds it is. 😂