Refurbished Details & Guidelines

This Refurbished Sale is for B-stock Drop + NuForce Move Wireless In-Ear Monitors.

• B-stock units are demo, factory seconds, sample, or returned units that have been thoroughly refurbished, including examination, testing and cleaning. 

• Functionally, each unit is tested to meet the original performance standards of the product unless otherwise explicitly specified.

• The unit may exhibit minor cosmetic damage that may have arisen from manufacturing, shipping & handling, or light use. There is no impact on the functionality of the unit.

• All accessories are included. Original accessories may be replaced with alternatives that have the same functionality. 

• The original packaging will be provided on a best-efforts basis and may exhibit damage from shipping & handling. Alternative brown-box packaging may be used in lieu of the original packaging if it is significantly damaged.

The product requires a full charge out of the box.

For more information regarding the Drop + NuForce Move Wireless In-Ear Monitors, please visit this page.  

Returns & Exchanges

The units meet production requirements except for any issues that are explicitly listed. Returns and exchanges are accepted for 30 days. Refurbished items are NOT covered under warranty. 


Estimated ship date is Oct 1, 2021 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout.

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Charged and they work nice, better than I expected and I’ll use them myself.
Understated and classy
Always getting my things dusty:S
Drop & Nu Force
Totally worth 20$
Call the police, this was a steal.
In the review I posted I commented on how the Anker/Soundcore LP2's gather sweat on the contact points. The sketch mode I think highlights the contours that capture grime and grit.
Playing around with the processing options on my phone, trying to get a better photographic view of how the pin placement and chassis design differ.
Uno, Dous, tres, one of these has a design problem.
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