Drop + Terzuola Cyrus Persian Folding Knife
Apr 23, 20197053 views

Enter the Cyrus: Our First-Ever Persian Knife

We’re excited to officially introduce the Drop + Terzuola Cyrus Folding Knife. Designed in collaboration with legendary knifemaker Bob Terzuola, it sports a premium S35VN blade and a handle in your choice of canvas micarta, linen micarta, or marbled carbon fiber. Carry one yourself and let us know if you’re as pleased with it as we are.
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I couldnt find where the release date was on this model. Is there a date yet set for this to be available for preorder on massdrop?
I met Bob in the eighties when he became more famous for his tactical knives. The Persian is coming of age and in style these days. Some of the Chinese makers and even the Russians have adapted them. I like it a lot. A distinctive knife. Now if DROP would follow the trends to an even better steel, M390 for example, it would make for a more interesting offer. Still, at the price it is a beauty. My Russian version on top is pictured for everyone not interested. All of these are pricier of course, for many reasons. Terzuolas however are great for EDC and more correctly follows the Persian pattern than most.

I see the Lion Steel knife in your collection. I am a big fan of the Lion Steel knifes and own a couple with the Chad Nichols stainless damascus. I recently purchased the ROK with the Chad Nichols stainless damascus and sent the knife back because it wouldn't cut butter and hated the shiny gold finish. I then purchased the ROK in black aluminum and it is sharp and much better looking. I also ordered the T.R.E. Damascus RAINDROP, Titanium but am waiting for it to ship. Nice collection you have there, best of luck... Don
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Digging the collab but would prefer a different blade style for the next one. Terzuola's tantos look amazing
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