Massdrop x The British Belt Co Harness Leather Belt
Apr 24, 2019364 views

Leather Update: 1 Year In

One year ago, we set out to make the perfect companion for raw denim: a belt that would last a lifetime and develop lots of character along the way. Here’s what our harness leather belt looks like after a year of wear. While everyone’s belt will age differently depending on how (and how often) it’s worn, this is a solid example for anyone who’s curious about the way this leather can change over time. You’ll notice a drastic difference between the brand-new belt and the one that’s been well loved. The patina is there, along with some wear in the places where the leather makes contact with the buckle loops of the jeans.
Judson and ItsAubs

If you buy a leather protective oil/cream or apply mineral oil and sponge the front and back of belt and let it sit overnight to absorb the oils, your belt MAY look like the darker color seen here...overnight. I've done this to quite a few belts and it looks nice. Just remember the next day, grab a clean rag and rub any excess off of it will end up around your waist of your pants.