Dallas Pen Show 2017 - September 8th and 9th
Get ready for absolute PENdemonium.
The Dallas Pen Show returns for another year, and if you’re in the area, you should most certainly take part in what is going to be an incredible event. Over the course of this weekend, you’ll be able to check out over 100 vendors, informative seminars, a silent auction. and enough pens, pencils, and ballpoints to make your head spin.
EVENT DETAILS Dates: September 8th and 9th Time: Friday (10:00AM - 8:00PM), Saturday (9:00AM - 5:00PM) Location: Doubletree Dallas Galleria, 4099 Valley View Lane SEMINARS These events aren’t reserved just for extreme penthusiasts. There’s usually something for everyone, including those who are just starting out. There’s going to be a few seminars that include working on your signature as well as starting your own pen collection. Saturday, September 9th 10:00AM - 11:00AM - Think INK with Sam Fiorella 11:15AM - 12:15PM - Developing a Distinctive Signature with Michael Sull 12:30PM - 1:30PM - Basic Fountain Repairs with Joel Hamilton 1:45PM - 2:45PM - Beginning a Pen Collection

OTHER FUN STUFF Not only will there be plenty of opportunities to learn, connect, and purchase a literal pile of pens, but there will also be a few other features to this event you should keep in mind: · Vintage Pen Repairs - An experienced pen repairer and nibmeister will be on site to help you with your restoration needs. · Silent Auction - Pens, pencils, ballpoints and more. Prices ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred. · Knowledgeable Collectors - Talk shop, history, design and value with the assorted vendors.
VENDOR LIST There are a ton of great companies showing up to this event. Check out the massive list vendors that will be in attendance: · Anderson Pens · Andy Lambrou · An P. Tran · Arizona Pen Company · Armen Malikian · Bill Zeeble · Bittner, The Pleasure of Writing · Blue Sky Pens · Bob Everett · Broadwell Studios · Carlene Woolf · Cliff Harrington · Crazy Alan’s Emporium · Dale Penkala · Dan Reppert · Derry Harding · Dromgoole’s · Franklin-Christoph, Ltd. · Fred Gorstein · Fountain Pen Revolution · Grandpa’s Fountain Pens · Indy-Pen-Dance · Inkpen · Jay McCarty · Jerry Thomsen · Joe Lowe · John Foreman| · Kaligrafos Calligraphy Guild · Karl Barndt · Kenro Industries · Larry Bedinghaus · Luxury Brands USA · Mandy Vidaurri · Michael Bloom · Mike Stein · Mike Walker · Mini Wood Productions · Papier Plume · Paul Bloch (and Bill Morris) · Pendemonium · Pen-site.com · PenTime · Penworld Magazine · Pete’s Pen Shop · Presnall Wood · Regal Curio, LLC · Retro 51 · Rick Beckham · Robert Fillmore · Ryan Krusac Studios · Spencerian.com · Stephen Howell · Taccia Pens · The Pen Collector · The Penman · ThePenMarket.com · The Write Pen · Tim Pierson · Total Office Products · Toys from the Attic · Vanness Pen Shop
SPONSORS Behind every big event like this are usually hard-working organizers and caring patrons. And we want to make sure to recognize those who make shows like this possible. Check them out here:
· Dromgoole's - http://www.dromgooles.com/ · Franklin Christoph - http://www.franklin-christoph.com/ · Lambrou - http://lambroupens.com/ · PEN World - http://www.penworld.com/ · Pendemonium - http://www.pendemonium.com/ · Retro 51 - http://www.retro51.com/ · Go-Pens.com · Inkpen - http://www.ink-pen.com/ · Pete's Pen Shop - http://www.petespenshop.com/ · Bittner - http://bittner.com/

If you're going to the event let us know! We'd love to hear about your experience, connect with more people in the community, and especially raise more awareness for great events like this.

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