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Best soundstage cans !!!

What is the most massive soundstage ever heard on a headphone ? Or is there one single universal best soundstage cans, period ? Share your opinion here.

AKG 7XX. Massive sound stage. Good luck.
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@nick_t what's your problem? @LCRava was just answering a question.
Ok ok ok people. I am locking this discussion
Most massive: Sennheiser HD 800 Best soundstage: ZMF Verite (ziricote) And yes, there is a difference. The soundstage of the HD 800 is huge, but sounds exaggerated, diffuse, and vacuum-like. The Verite has a stage that is comparable in size, but has an immediacy to it that makes it very believable and natural. Plus the Verite is just much easier to listen to tonality-wise; it doesn't have huge treble peaks like the HD 800.
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The stages of both headphones is really comparable in size. It's hard to explain without having heard them. Let's put it this way; the HD 800 makes my classic rock recordings sound kind of like they were performed in a huge concert hall (minus the echo and reverb). The Verite, while having large stage, doesn't do this when it's not called upon, but does have enormous stage (yet it does have some reverb and coloration of timbre). Your original post asked for most massive and then "best," so my answer to most massive soundstage was the HD 800, and the best being the Verite. The HD 800 has a SDR mod with the rug liner. Yes, Verite is definitely the more colored headphone. I actually really don't recommend people buy ZMF headphones in general unless you auditioned or know what you're getting into; I know some people who barf at the sound of the Verite. This starts going into sins of commission/omission though, which is a whole other topic.
Thats what I thought and I was right. It make sense thought, completely agreed. Even me havent heard I at least able to give the correct impression that people heard. Correct me if am wrong, Verite is the coloured and unique sounding of the HD 800 ? The answer is somewhat then. What kind of mod do you do with the HD800 ? Anyway, as for ZMF and of course, they are a set of headphone that are unique, enjoyable and magical experience, its not someone we consider as reference. Not the best but another high end cans to your collection.
Sennheiser HD800S.
Yeah I agree eventhough I have not heard it only through frequency response graph and review. Am referring to the largest soundstage not sound quality.
stax 009s and stax 009 althought i didn't enjoy the sound signature (too bright) the soundstage was downright impressive
I pretty much agree with Kith. But if you are interested in Soundstage specificly you will also find Amps affect soundstage.
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You doubt i agree with Kith? Wow. Because the other fact is set in stone & it'd be funny if you did.
What do you mean ?
Sound stage is not universal, it depends on your ears. Also keep in mind that a big sound stage with poor imaging/placement is...garbage. Below are the three I've experienced with large soundstage, and good to amazing imaging. Fidelio X2 (Imaging is okay) HD 800 (Imaging is amazing) Mod House Argon (Imaging is...weird)
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I heard that if you remove the cups of the M1060C it's gona sound very similar to LCD2C not like them but very similar is that correct ?
Not sure. But I think the reason why they compare to them because both planars is somewhat bassy and wide.